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Sensational Intimacy Building Tips for the Beginning of a Relationship ...

By Alicia

The beginning of a relationship is always a time of discovery and exploration in getting to know one another. It’s also a time when you can easily up the intimacy between you. Building up a sensational and sensual relationship begins on day one. Here’re some tips to help you do just that.

1 Establish Strong and Sensual Eye Contact from the Start 👀

Eye contact is one of the sexiest ways to connect with each other. If you establish the pattern of having eye contact early on, it’s a way you’ll connect forever. Eye contact can express so much without saying a word. It can say that you understand one another, it’s time to leave somewhere or best of all, I love you and am very attracted to you right now. It’s one of those things that sets the special couples apart from the rest.

2 Let Your Hand Brush His Arm and Linger 💪

Let’s keep it real, girls. Almost all men have sexy arms. True, some guys have better arms than others but almost all guys have masculine arms which are really nice put up against our feminine arms. So enjoy them! Run your fingers along his arm and let them linger. He’s going to notice that immediately.

3 Say It with Body Language 👤

Do you know how much you can say with your body language? It can convey a variety of messages. Most people aren’t even aware of how much they’re sharing about themselves through body language. You can definitely use this to your advantage in your relationship. Make sure you’re angling your body toward him. Tilt your head to show your interest when he’s taking and make sure you don’t cross your arms across your body, which says you’re closing off.

4 Share Food 🍨

This sounds like such a simple little thing but it has a big impact. Something as small as offering him a sip of your coffee or accepting a nibble of his ice cream creates intimacy between you. It says that you’re in a special place together. It’s a little way of showing you’re beyond the first date phase and heading into commitment territory.

5 Cook for Him 🍴

Another simple little thing you can easily do to up the intimacy is to cook your man dinner, or if he offers, let him cook for you. This builds intimacy between you because you’re allowing him to see you in a more personal space. Cooking for someone is such a sweet gesture. It says that you care for him and you’re opening yourself up in a special way. It’s an even nicer gesture if he’s a foodie.

6 Pay Attention to How Your Bodies Fit Together ☯

It’s very sensual to learn each other physically and it doesn’t have to be only through sex. You can definitely explore each other in other, smaller ways before you take a big step. Notice how your hands fit together or how lovely it is when you curl up against him when you’re watching a movie. It’s a special way to learn about each other. It always makes you feel close as a couple to do this.

7 Devote Your First Night Together to Staying up Talking 👄

My husband and I actually did this in the beginning of our relationship. We still have wonderful memories of taking the time to truly get to know each other before we committed to a relationship. There’s something so special and intimate about just talking. It’s a beautiful way to begin a relationship. It gives your relationship a strong foundation to build on.

These small things can build up the intimacy from the very beginning of a relationship. Which of them are you going to try? I’d love to hear from you!

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