Everything You Need to Know about LGBTQ Dating Life ...


Everything You Need to Know about LGBTQ Dating Life ...
Everything You Need to Know about LGBTQ Dating Life ...

You know, there's not much difference between heterosexual dating and LGBTQIA+ dating. In the end, we all want the same things – to meet someone we like being with, someone we share things with, someone who makes us happy. We want fun, we want sex, and we want love. Sharing knowledge and perspective is one of the best ways to educate people who maybe don't understand what it's like to be part of the LGBTQIA+ dating scene, so … here we go!

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In Theory, It's Not Really Different from Heterosexual Dating

horizon, ritual, geological phenomenon, Love is love is love, after all, and none of us are really different in our quest to find someone special.


But in Practice, It's a Lot Different

person, black, black and white, emotion, love, At the same time, however, there's no denying the fact that people in the LGBTQIA+ community face challenges that heterosexual people don't.


Some LGBTQIA+ Folks Date Casually

person, kiss, human action, love, romance, Just like some straight people date casually.


Some Enjoy Having as Much Sex as Possible

person, black and white, facial expression, portrait, emotion, Just like some straight people enjoy having as much sex as possible.


Others Are Simply Looking for a Soulmate

person, vampire, film, emotion, romance, Just like some straight people are simply looking for a soulmate.


And Still Others Are Interested in Romance and Intimacy, but Not Sex

person, kiss, blond, human action, woman, For example, asexual people – who can be gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, and so on – generally don't have much, if any, desire for sex.


It's Not True That All Gay Men Are Looking for Sex

person, human action, emotion, film, It depends entirely on the individual, but it also doesn't matter – nothing wrong with loving lots of sex.


It's Not True That All Lesbians Get Super Serious after the First Date

person, black and white, woman, bride, human action, “What do lesbians do on their second date?” “Rent a U-Haul.”


It's Not True That All Bisexuals Are Greedy Cheaters Trying to Date Everyone

film, emotion, action film, don't, boyfriends., This is such a crap stereotype all the way around – being attracted to different genders does not mean that you want to date all of them at once.


It's Not True That All Asexual People Hate Dating or Relationships

pink, person, This is a harmful stereotype, too – too few people understand what it actually means to identify as asexual.


It's Important to Choose a Comfortable, Safe Space for Your Date

person, For obvious reasons, an LGBTQIA+ couple out on a date must feel like they're safe – and make fun of “safe spaces” as much as you like, but there's clearly a need.


You Sometimes Have to Be Aware of Showing Any Affection in Public

person, woman, film noir, This isn't true everywhere, thank god, but most LGBTQIA+ couples who are on a date hesitate before daring to peck each other on the lips or even hold hands when they're in public because of the potential repercussions – at best, we may be accused of “shoving our sexuality down someone's throat” (or, as Heather and I have experienced, asked if we would like a threesome with “a real man”), and at worst, things can turn violent.


It's Not a Good Idea to Make Snap Judgments

person, black, black and white, woman, kiss, You never know what someone likes, what they want, or even how they identify.


And You Can't Assume Something about Someone Based on Their Appearance

person, joker, dontknowy, like, logistically, There's such a wide, beautiful spectrum of people who need and want different things, present different ways, and identify with different sexualities.


Just Because Two LGBTQIA+ People Go on a Date Doesn't Mean It's an Automatic Love Match

black, white, person, black and white, portrait, One of my mom's friends is still convinced that I'd just love her lesbian niece, simply because we're both lesbians.


Meeting the Parents is Usually Just as Awkward for Us

vision care, eyewear, eye glass accessory, glasses, sunglasses, Always awkward.


And Most of Us Really do Tend to Keep One or Two Fingers Cut Very Short

person, education, community, student, NETFLIX, It's just considerate because … you know.

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Hello to the other side

14 is true do not presume a person is this or that until they say so

No. 8 anyone know who she is

There is a difference. A woman could easily fall pregnant on just a one night stand possibly but a gay couple don't have to worry about that. Of course either have to worry about the same things that any couple falls into but there is a difference!


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