When the Going Gets Tough, Try a Romantic Gesture ...


Life has been throwing you a curveball or two and maybe, and you've stopped making those romantic gestures, instead taking your frustration out on your significant other. There is no time like now to re-center yourself and make your feelings known. Don't stress; many couples go through this stage. As part of a partnership who has experienced the ups and downs of a relationship, here are my suggestions for romantic gestures to let your partner know that they still are the most important person in your world, even when the going gets tough:

1. โ€œI Love Youโ€

Three small and simple words that conveys your heartโ€™s desire. When life throws you more than one curveball and you are (literally) on your knees โ€“ reach out to your partner and tell him/her how you feel. Don't wait for a special moment to say it; any time is a good time to say those words, so long as you mean it sincerely. Roses and chocolates go well with "I love you". Romantic gestures like this never grow old.

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Naming a star after got is really cute but unfortunately it doesn't last forever. Stars are made of had gas and will burn out eventually...
This should be expressed all the time not just in hard times
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