7 Romantic Quotes about the Magic of Kissing ...


7 Romantic Quotes about the Magic of Kissing ...
7 Romantic Quotes about the Magic of Kissing ...

When you find the right guy (or girl) for you, you'll understand the following quotes about kissing and how magical it feels. Locking lips with anyone is fun, but when you're doing it with the love of your life, the action takes on a new meaning. It's a special moment that just can't be beat. Here are some of the most accurate quotes about kissing the person you love the most:

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Unexpected Kisses

Unexpected Kisses Don't you love when your boyfriend stops mid-sentence or cuts you off to kiss you? Unexpected kisses are so sweet because they show that he couldn't stop thinking about touching you and you didn't even realize what was running through his mind. You wouldn't want him to use his lips as a way to shut you up while you're talking about something important, but when he does it harmlessly because he can't control how much he wants you, you can't blame him. It's just too adorable, which is why this is one of the quotes about kissing you know you love.



Pre-Kisses When you know a kiss is coming, the feeling you'll get can be almost as magical as the actual kiss. Looking into someone's eyes, knowing that they love you as much as you love them, is a special occurrence. Not everyone gets to experience such a lovely moment, so make sure that you cherish it. The moments before the kiss can be just as special as the moments during it.


First Kisses

First Kisses Despite what people tell you, you may not remember your very first kiss. If you had it on the playground as a child or even with a stranger in your 20s, it won't be all that memorable, because it wasn't special. The kiss that you'll always remember is your first one with the love of your life. It marks an important moment in your life, so how could you ever forget it?


Innocent Kisses

Innocent Kisses As much as we all love kisses on the neck, they tend to lead to make-out sessions. Forehead kisses are far more innocent, and show that your partner really cares about you. Whenever he places his lips against your head, he's letting you know that you're his one and only girl.


Cold Kisses

Cold Kisses It may not be the best idea to kiss your mate when they're sick, but it's hard to resist doing so. You love them in sickness and in health, so why would a little bit of sniffling stop you from planting one on them?


Paused Kisses

Paused Kisses Have you ever had to stop a kiss because you need to take a second to look into your mate's eyes and smile? When you really love someone, touching them will always cheer you up. They're the best thing in your life, and you won't let yourself forget it. Sometimes, you just have to step back and take in the moment.


Loving Kisses

Loving Kisses As fun as kissing can be, it's more special when you're doing it with the love of your life. Making out with random hotties is exciting, but it won't give you the feeling that you'll get when you simply hold your true love's hand.

Don't underestimate the importance of kissing. It's a special way to connect with your partner that can bring you closer mentally and physically. Is your current partner a better kisser than the others you've locked lips with?

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