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Out of all the ways to flirt, which do you prefer? Are you the type who likes to be aggressive or do you prefer subtle flirting? I think there is definitely a time and place for both types, but if your preferred method is to be a little bit elusive, I’ve got some great tips for you to try! There are lots of ways to flirt that work be it obvious or subtle and a lot of it depends on your personality, the personality of the person you’re flirting with or the place you are. Whatever the deal is, give some of these subtle flirting tips a test drive and get noticed!

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Get Close

Yes, we’re talking about subtle ways to flirt here, but keeping your distance with the object of your affection isn’t going to do anything for ya! No need to get to so close that you can smell his lunch, but you get the idea. Lean in close when you talk, sit or stand close to him and make sure you’re locking eyes. You can also glance subtly at his lips if you want, but the key is in the eye contact!


Physical proximity can be a powerful tool in non-verbal flirting. By strategically positioning yourself within an arm’s reach, you’re showing availability without being overbearing. It's like your presence is subtly whispering, "I'm interested." When there’s a barrier of space, your intrigue might get lost in the room. So, whether it's a coincidence that you're reaching for the same glass at a party or finding seats next to each other in a group setting, these small alignments can manufacture moments of shared intimacy.


Light Touches

Lightly touching someone or being touched is such a sweet way to show someone you’re interested. Remember, you want to give a few light but memorable touches. Lots of touching just for the sake of doing it won’t mean anything and he’s likely going to think you’re just a touchy type of girl. When an otherwise reserved girl goes in for a touch, it’ll mean much more. Try touching his hand while you’re talking to him or touch him playfully when he’s being funny.


Offer a Compliment

Everyone appreciates receiving a compliment, but it gets a little weird if someone showers you with adoration. Just like too many touches aren’t effective, the same goes for compliments. You can always tell when someone is giving you a fake compliment and they might mean well, but it can come off as insincere. If you really like something he’s wearing or you admire something about him, definitely let him know; just be honest.



It doesn’t get any easier than smiling when it comes to flirting tips. While a simple smile might seem pretty innocent and not very flirtatious, who can resist a sexy smile? Besides, there’s nothing very playful or flirty about being stoic or hard to read. You can have the smoothest moves in the world, but if you’re scowling you’ll come off as confusing. Smiling makes you appear more approachable and invites interaction.


Body Language

You can speak volumes through body language and it’s another method of subtle flirting that works. Many times when you’re around someone you’re interested in, you tend to mirror their body movements and you very well might already be doing this. Just be sure your body language is open and you’re not subconsciously sending signals to back off like crossing your arms, looking tense or turning away.


Positive body language is key to showing interest and engagement. Try leaning in slightly when your crush is speaking, or subtly touch your hair or ear which can indicate attraction. Remember, a genuine smile can be infectious and is a classic, welcoming signal. Eye contact is crucial; it conveys confidence and interest, but balance it – too much might come across as intense. Lastly, nodding while they talk demonstrates that you're attentive and value what they're saying. These small gestures can add warmth and personal connection to your interactions without being overt.

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Show Interest

This is one of the rules of flirting that is obvious but should still be mentioned, show interest. Ask your crush questions about himself and listen to what he says. He’ll like that you’re interested in his classes, band or pet, but he’ll be even more impressed if you actually listen and remember these facts! Not only is it very sweet, but it also shows that you’re truly interested.


Have Fun

Having fun while you flirt is one of the flirting tips that I cannot stress enough! Flirting with someone might be a little nerve-racking, but try your best to relax and be yourself. If flirting feels like a chore or you take it too seriously, it’s not going to be much fun and flirting is meant to be fun and playful for both people. If you don’t consider yourself to be very good at flirting, remember that the more you do it, the better you’ll be at it. You don’t have to flirt with everyone that you cross paths with, but the more you try, the easier and better you’ll be at it.

When it comes to flirting, taking the subtle route is sometimes much more alluring than being bold. This is perfect if you’re shy or your crush just seems to make you extra nervous. You don’t need to put on a big show to show someone you’re interested in them and never underestimate the power of being subtle! What type of flirter are you? What’s your favorite way to flirt with your crush?

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So every time I talk to the guy I like, we spend a good 20-30 minutes casually with teasing etc, but then he almost always cups my face, says something weird, then walks off.. I can't really tell what this means at all.. Halpp?


I'm a bit confused on #2. Somehow I feel like I would just come across as a creep (socially awkward AF, slowly figuring out how to make it humourous), even though I thrive on physical contact. I don't know how to approach that =\I'm also not into guys, which would make things easier if I were but... no.

You're beautiful


This might just be me, but whenever I try to touch a guy and be flirty, be it on his arm, his hand, what have you, I feel really weird and he always seems to notice and act a little weird as well. Maybe I'm just a bad flirt

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Needs courage 😀

How about if you don't have the access for light touches?

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