Sensational Tips for Giving a Romantic and Sensual Massage ...


Sensational Tips for Giving a Romantic and Sensual Massage ...
Sensational Tips for Giving a Romantic and Sensual Massage ...

Ahhhhh, massage. It’s one of the most intimate things you can engage in with your partner and it feels amazing whether you’re on the giving or receiving end. Honestly, what can be better than making our partner feel good and relieve some pressure? If you don’t have any experience giving massages, don’t stress! It’s easy to learn and you’ll tailor your moves based on your partner’s unique needs so no prior experience is necessary. If you’re interested in learning some tips and tricks on giving your partner the most passionate massage, keep on reading!

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Be Patient with Yourself

First and foremost, we know the massage is about your partner but you also check in with yourself and how you feel. If you’ve had a bad day or feel rushed, take a moment to take a few deep breaths and get calm. If we want to give our partner all of our attention and provide a good massage, being distracted or preoccupied with something that happened that day isn’t going to help. Help get yourself in the relaxed mindset first so you exude calmness and confidence when it’s time for the massage.


Remember, your state of mind translates into the touch you offer. It’s perfectly fine to take a few moments to center yourself with a quiet ritual, maybe light some candles or play soft music that soothes you. Your partner will appreciate the extra effort, and the serene atmosphere you create will set the stage for a transformative experience. Treat yourself kindly, and understand that mastering the art of massage takes time. Each touch is a step towards a deeper connection, so embrace the learning curve with grace.


Get Rid of Distractions

Now that you’re in the massage kind of mood, let’s get rid of any and all potential distractions or disturbances. You know what I’m talking about, put your phone on silent and keep it far away, turn off the TV, and make sure you’re not expecting any over for the hour so the two of you can really enjoy your time together. If you have any pets roaming around the house, make sure you have some privacy for the massage!


Also, consider the ambience of the room. Dim the lights or switch them out for soft, colored bulbs. Light a few scented candles to fill the space with a relaxing or seductive fragrance. Use sheer curtains to create a dreamy effect if you're expecting natural light. The aim is to engage all the senses in a symphony of comfort and allure, creating an environment that naturally eases you and your partner into a state of relaxation and heightened sensitivity. It's the attention to these small details that can elevate your massage from simply pleasant to absolutely delightful.


Create a Setting

One of the most important parts of a massage is the environment. You want to create a relaxing and romantic setting that helps put your partner at ease. You don’t have to buy a bunch of things in order to create a setting. All this implies is that you want to ensure your partner’s comfort and yours. So for example, try turning off the lights and lighting candles or dim the lights and play soft music. If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable being in the nude, provide a towel or sheet to cover up. You can also wear a soft robe or undress to make him or her more comfortable, too!


Gather Your Supplies

Now that you‘ve got your setting in order, you’ll also want to grab something like a non-sticky body lotion or oil to complement the treatment. Just avoid using something with a really strong fragrance as it can be overpowering and dampen the mood. Go for something with a light or no fragrance or use coconut oil if your partner doesn’t mind the smell of coconuts. You can always add a few drops of essential oil for an even more spa-like vibe.


In addition to body lotion or oil, ensure your hands are warm before starting the massage to avoid any discomfort. You might also want to have a few towels on hand both to lay down beneath your partner to prevent oil stains and to use if you need to wipe excess oil from your hands. Consider the lighting too; perhaps light a few unscented candles to give the room a soft glow that encourages relaxation and intimacy. Lastly, compile a playlist of soothing background music to help both of you unwind and connect on a deeper level.


Prepare Your Partner

Now you’re just about ready to begin the massage! Start by having your partner lie on his or her back and straddle their back or you can sit on the side. After you ensure that your hands aren’t cold, use both hands and move both hands all over your partner’s back. Next, pour a liberal amount of lotion or oil in your hands to warm it up and start moving your hands slowly across your partner’s back.


Gently begin with light, feather-like strokes, allowing your partner to relax into the experience. It's essential to maintain a steady rhythm and gradually increase the pressure to match your partner's comfort level. Keep the ambience sensual with soft music or perhaps some aromatic candles, letting the scents further enhance the relaxation. Remember to check in occasionally with your partner, ensuring the massage is not only pleasurable but also profoundly intimate and reassuring.


Exchanging Energy with Your Partner

While you’re massaging your partner, there will be an exchange of energy. Remember when we were talking about preparing your mind for the massage? This was all part of the exchange, you want to emanate positive and sensual energy, not worry or frustration. Close your eyes and visualize loving thoughts as you touch your partner and he/she will feel it, too. There will be loving and passionate energy flowing from both of you making the experience even better.


Remember, the power of touch is profound and can communicate emotions beyond words. As your hands glide over your partner's skin, allow the energy you emit to be nurturing and calming. Your breath can also sync with theirs, fostering a deeper connection. Inhale and exhale with intention, and let this rhythmic breathing become a silent language of love between you. Stay present, listening to the responses of your partner's body with each stroke. This attentiveness turns the massage into a dialogue, a tender conversation without words, deepening the bond and enhancing the intimacy of the moment.


Hit All the Right Areas

Now that you’ve got the positive energy flowing, you’ll want to concentrate on hitting all the right areas and take your time. Your partner might not say where his or her hot spots are, so explore and even tease! Hit the neck, shoulders, feet, and experiment with other areas. Then, move on to the sensual areas like the inner thighs and see how your partner reacts. If you notice his or her body freezing up, you might want to concentrate more on the shoulders, neck, or temples. If he or she enjoys being touched in the sensual areas, throw in a kiss, nibble, or soft bite in the mix, too!


Remember, communication is key, so don't be afraid to ask your partner for feedback while exploring. A simple "Does this feel good?" can guide you further into the realms of pleasure. Pay attention to the sighs, the moans, and the movement of their body—it's the unspoken language of enjoyment. As you find those zones that cause a shiver of delight, slow down and apply just the right amount of pressure and rhythm. Incorporating varied techniques like long strokes and gentle kneading can amplify the experience. And remember, the anticipation of your next move can be just as thrilling as the touch itself, so employ a little unpredictability to really heighten the senses.


Cool down

The length of the massage is up to you and your partner and after you’ve hit all the right spots, it’s time to cool things down. Give yourself about five minutes or so to prepare your partner for the end of the massage. Reduce the pressure you’re using and rub or touch softly from head to toe. You can end the massage by softly kissing your partner around his or her body.


As you transition into this gentle phase, consider incorporating feather-light touches and brushing movements to heighten the relaxation effect. Encourage deep, slow breaths to synchronize your partner's body with the winding down process. Whispering affectionate words or offering compliments can also deepen the connection and leave your partner feeling cherished and pampered. Remember, the conclusion of the massage is as significant as the beginning; it's your last opportunity to ensure your partner carries the serene and loving energy throughout their day or into a peaceful night's rest.


Next Time

Now that you’ve given your first sensual massage, what’s next? Maybe next time you can change things up a bit by incorporating some other tools like a soft feather or other edible massage oils. Get some feedback from your partner about what he or she liked and didn’t like so you can make the next massage even better!

Now you’ve got some basic tips on how to give a sensual massage. Can you think of any other tips to add to give your partner a mind-blowing massage?

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