Naughty Foreign Phrases to Use to Totally Turn Your Man on ...


I’m a sucker for a sexy voice. While other women like eyes, buns, or muscles, for me, it has always been how a man speaks that gives me the feels. If he has a foreign accent or can speak in a foreign language, I’m gone… totally gone. And there’s just something mind blowing when the foreign words are speaking the language of love. You don’t have to be a linguist to master a few choice naughty phrases if you want to make your man melt.

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Venir Ici Et Me Taquiner

Let’s start off with some sexy French – many call French the language of love. Venir ici et me taquiner means “come here and tease me”. This nifty little phrase has so much potential: at home alone together, it’s the perfect invite; as a sign off to a text message it’s a great way of letting him know you waiting for him to arrive; or, end an email with the phrase and leave him in no doubt how you’re feeling. Get ready to play all night.


Brush up on your accent to add that extra layer of allure. Whispering these words with just the right je ne sais quoi can send tingles down his spine. And if you're in the mood to turn up the heat a bit more, let your fingertips graze against his skin as you drawl out each syllable. With this potent combination of touch and tantalizing French whispers, you'll be sparking an irresistible flame of desire. Don't be surprised if he takes up the invitation sooner than you think!


Metti Le Mani Su Di Me

Time to wrap your tongue around some Italian. Metti le mani su di me translates and “put your hands on me”. You may recognize that phrase as being the words uttered by Rose to Jack before they got steamy in the car in the hold of The Titanic. Part request/part command, it’s undeniably sexy and so much more interesting than “touch me”. Permission for his hands to get busy, roaming about your body.


Metti le mani su di me is a romantic Italian phrase that translates to "put your hands on me". It has become popular due to its use in the iconic movie The Titanic, where Jack and Rose share a steamy moment in a car. This phrase is perfect for when you want to give your partner permission to explore your body with their hands.

Italians have a reputation for being passionate and romantic, and this phrase is a great way to express that. It can also be used in a playful manner, and it can be used to spice up your relationship.

The phrase can be used in a variety of contexts, such as when you want to give your partner permission to explore your body, or when you want to show your partner that you are feeling passionate and romantic. It can also be used as a playful way to get your partner's attention, or to let them know that you are feeling frisky.


Ti Voglio

These two little Italian words say “I want you”. You can use them to be completely upfront that you’re ready and waiting for him to ravish you but you can use it with more subtlety too. There are many sweet nothings you can whisper in your guy’s ear as verbal foreplay but what captures the essence of your lust than ti voglio? Whisper this when you’re in public or at a function and watch him get all steamy. You just know you’re in for a good time when you get home.


Essentially, ti voglio is a potent blend of desire wrapped in the elegance of the Italian language. By whispering it with a sultry look, you ignite a flame of anticipation. It's about the promise of what's to come, the enigmatic dance of romance that keeps the connection vibrant and tantalizing. With such passionate undertones, it's the verbal equivalent of a seductive kiss along the collarbone—intimate, significant, and impossible to ignore. It's your secret code, a sensual signal that speaks directly to his desires.


Estoy Jugando Conmigo Mismo

Time for something raunchy? Some women are simply not comfortable with sexy talk so maybe this little phrase in sultry Spanish will help you ease into the habit. Using a foreign phrase may make it seem less silly or embarrassing (common thoughts women have that stops them sex talking). When you’re chatting on the phone or are looking for a sexy test to send, estoy jugando conmigo mismo – “I am playing with myself” – is ideal.


Puoi Avere Qualsiasi Modo Si Desidera

If you want to allow your man to indulge his fantasy in the bedroom (or wherever) let him know. Let him know in your sexiest Italian voice. Think sexy, think sultry, think Sophia Loren at the height of her sex kitten-ness and tell him puoi avere qualsiasi modo si desidera – “you can have it any way you want”. You have to mean it. This is not a throw away phrase. But don’t forget, it gives you the ace in the pack to have your fantasy indulged next time.


Je Vous Ai Préparé Un Dessert Spécial Pour Vous

You know the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well this is a sexy take on that sentiment. Get sweet and sexy and tell him Je vous ai préparé un dessert spécial pour vous – in English “I’ve prepared a special dessert for you.” The choice of dessert is of course up to you. You might make him his favorite sweet treat or you might just dip some strawberries in chocolate. Or dessert might be you! You get the picture.


Tu M’excites

French is such a great language for teasing and getting him in the mood. Tu m’excites is simple and straight to the point - “you turn me on” - in two little words. Rub his crotch and whisper it in his ear or say it into his mouth mid-kiss and you’ll get an instant reaction. Rub him under the table and mouth the words when you’re in a restaurant. It’s sure to make him hot under the collar and hot for you.

These three romance languages can be so seductive and sexy. Are you ready to put your sexiest French, Italian and Spanish to the test?

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Eventually, you might say: "facciamolo come vuoi tu" (=let's do it the way you like it)

*Viens ici et me taquiner

Im Mexican but not fully fluent in Spanish and if I said “Estoy jugando conmigo mismo” to my Mexican Bf he would laugh at me .... Girl, gotta make sure the gender is correct on all of the words in Spanish otherwise it’s not really grammatically correct 😩

"Puoi avere qualsiasi modo si desidera" is totally incorrect

*puoi avere tutto quello che vuoi"

Viens me tanquiner- and - j'ai préparé un désert spéciale pour toi. Vous is the polite or plural form in French. Would be a bit weird to use at that moment haha😛

It's sounds better if you say "Viens me taquiner ici".

I agree . Or " viens ici et taquine moi "

J'ai préparé un dessert spécialement pour toi for the 6 🙈

Viens ici me taquiner for the first one 😉

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