Wanting These Things in a Man Doesn't Make You Shallow 😇 ...


Even though we've been told that personality is the most important thing (and it is!), there are still other factors to consider before you begin dating someone. Even though some of them involve money and material items, you don't have to worry about seeming shallow, because there's nothing wrong with wanting a man who can offer you everything you need. Here are some of the shallow things it's 100% okay to look for in a man:

1. Someone You're Attracted to

You shouldn't turn a guy down, because you're waiting to find someone as sexy as Misha Collins to date. Every man you meet is going to have a few flaws, so you'll be single forever if you refuse to settle for someone "imperfect." However, if you don't feel any sort of physical attraction or sexual tension when you're around him, it's okay to reject him over it. You should only be with someone when you can see their true beauty. Physical attraction isn't the most important thing, but it definitely is important.

Someone with a Job


One of the things I looked for was, how does he treat women, because that says a lot about who he is! Does he have manners? Because if you think about it, this is how he's going to treat you when the ...
Im too picky for my own good.
Well ...I am single and I am still waiting for the man I am attracted to .... If he is a millionaire it is a bonus 😊
Well, you can only look for these things if you're fit and self-supporting yourself ;)
Michelle Atchison
Thank you for this article! Every time I tell people these things especially that the person has to be attractive, I get a lecture about how I'm being shallow and all that matters is that they have good personality which in my opinion is how you get friend zoned..
Arzrin Rahman
Thank goodness for this article!!
What a relief. This article validates me in so many ways!! I thought I was being too picky or shallow
Very important points!! Don't settle.. I learned the hard way! Especially when you are bringing these things and more to the table..
I don't think this list is shallow, they're important.
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