Signs to Look for That Say He Doesn't like You ...

By Sici โ€ข

Signs to Look for That Say He Doesn't like You ...

There are definitely some signs he doesn't like you to be on the lookout for. When you have a new crush, it might be fair to say that sometimes your own emotions and feelings completely take over and you can find it hard to see the situation from anyone elseโ€™s perspective. That includes the perspective of the crush in question. Are you so blinded by love and lust that you havenโ€™t actually taken a second to consider whether he actually likes you back or not?

You might not think that this is a problem you would ever have, but believe me, I have seen plenty of girls fall head over heels for a guy and plan an entire future together in her head before she even realises that he isnโ€™t actually that into her after all! It is usually a case of our minds and hearts running away with an ideal image of the future, whilst things might be going in the present that you just donโ€™t catch on to until it is too late!

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you never have to go through an embarrassing and heartbreaking situation like this is to do your homework before you get carried away. If you can ascertain whether he is actually as into you as you want him to be before you fall too deep, then you will never have to face that soul-crushing revelation! Here is a little video that will help you to pick up on some of the classic signs he doesn't like you.

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