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Signs He is Secretly in Love with You ...

By Sici

Are you hoping to see some signs he is secretly in love with you? When you are living the single life, it might be fair to say that a considerable amount of your personal time is spent trying to navigate your love life! When you are a teenager at school with nothing else to do than pick up on the mini signals being sent your way by interested boys, the prospect of picking a suitor seems simple, but the older and more mature you get, and the more complicated the details of romance becomes, the harder it can be to realise when somebody might actually have strong, meaningful feelings for you!

You would like to think that if somebody was in love with you, you would notice in an instant, but that simply isn’t the case! If you think us girls can play confusing mind games when it comes to love, then you should expect guys to be just the same! For some reason or another, he might not want to come out with it and proclaim his love for you in an overt fashion, so sometimes it is up to you to figure out the clues for yourself.

If you have been seeing someone for a little while and are still not 100% sure how he feels about you, then take a look at this short and sweet video that displays all of the signs he is secretly in love with you. Even more importantly, you might realise that someone who you only consider a friend might actually have feelings for you of a deeper nature!

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