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8 Signs Your Crush Isn't in to You ...

By Konstantina

It might be hard to acknowledge, but there are several signs your crush is not interested in you. So, you see him come around the corner and all of a sudden your heart is jumping in your chest, you have butterflies in your stomach and you don’t seem to be able to find enough air to breathe? Yes, those are the signs of a massive crush on someone. But does he share the same feelings or do you need to move on and leave him alone? Check out these small signs your crush is not interested in you.

1 He Has No Idea What Your Name is

It is normal to not know your name if you have never met. But if you do have some common friends and you have been introduced to him a few times and he still can’t remember your name then that’s not a good sign. If he was interested he would never forget something so important as your name. And that's one of the most obvious signs your crush is not interested in you.

2 He Leans Away from You

If, when you two are talking, he leans away from you, it is very possible that he does not regard you as a potential love interest. Body language can go a long way in understanding these things. If you try to get closer to him and he leans away he is most likely not interested. If he avoids physical contact with you at all then it is sure he doesn’t like you.

3 He Doesn’t Pay Attention to You when You Talk

You are talking to him and he doesn’t even bother to look at you, paying attention to something else like the scenery or his cell phone. It means he is not interested in what you are talking about and most likely not interested in you either.

4 He is Never the One to Start a Conversation with You

If he only says a simple “hello” when you meet and never initiates further conversation, then it is safe to assume he is not interested. If he were, he would always try to start up a conversation with you in an effort to find out more about you and what you like.

5 He Avoids You

There is a chance he might have picked up on your interest and he will start to avoid you. It is likely he won’t sit next to you and makes sure there are other people seated between you two or he will avoid going out with your common friends if he knows you will be there because he doesn’t want to see you.

6 He Doesn’t Care about the Relationships You Have with Other Men

If he sees you flirting with someone or exchanging compliments with some other guy and he doesn’t care, then he is not into you. If he was, he wouldn’t be able to hide it so easily, unless he is the best actor in the world. If it was bothering him, you would know.

7 He Treats You like Everybody else

When a man is not interested in a woman he will treat her in the exact same way he treats everybody else. There will be absolutely no difference between the way he treats you and the other women friends you share.

8 He Express His Interest in Someone else

This is really obvious. If he is comfortable to say in front of you how much he likes someone else, then he certainly has no romantic interests in you. Unless he is doing it to get you jealous, but that is a slim chance.

In the perfect romance, the minute you see your crush he will look over to you and fall for you instantly. This rarely happens in real life though. It is very possible that the man you are crushing on has absolutely no interest in you. In that case, check for those simple signs and if he really isn’t interested, just move on. There is no point in wasting your life for someone who doesn’t share the same feelings.

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