Telling Signs You're Never Getting Back Together for Girls Tired of Waiting ...


It’s important to be able to accept when it’s time to let go and move on. This can be a difficult realization when you still want to get back together so badly. But how do you really know it’s time to let go? These’re 7 signs that you’re never getting back together.

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Communication Has Become Practically Nonexistent 👄

After you broke up, you still talked some. You’d shoot him a message; he’d ask how you were doing every few days. But things have changed and you seldom, if ever hear from him. While this can be hard to deal with, it’s a sign that he’s moving on and you need to do the same.


He Blocked You on Social Media 💻

Some signs are really clear, like this one. If he’s blocked you on social media then that’s a very obvious sign he doesn’t want you in his life. Yes, it can be hurtful but it’s also a way to know for sure that it’s over. When you know for sure that it’s over, you can let go and take steps toward moving on yourself.


He’s Really Happy with His New Girlfriend 💑

This can feel really hurtful when you’re still carrying a torch for him. You want to get back together but it’s obvious he doesn’t. This’s where you get the chance to be mature and wish him the best. You may not understand his choice in girlfriends and feel you could offer him so much more but you have to respect who he’s chosen.


He Wants His Stuff Back 🏬

Wanting his stuff back means he’s done. When this happens, all you can do is get things together and return them. Your heart may feel like it’s breaking but you’re strong. You can tie up the loose ends of the relationship with dignity.


He’s Moving Away 🚚

This could have something to do with you or it may have nothing to do with you at all. It could be he’s moving for work or he randomly chose a college to go to that’s far away. Take this as fate telling you to let go. Wish him the best for his future and make sure you do all you can to make your future bright, too. It’s hard to let go of hopes that you’re getting back together but believing that there’s a better future out there for you helps.


His New Girlfriend is Wearing a Ring on Her Left Hand 💍

This can be feel like a gut punch when you spot it for the first time. You may have been thinking that this new relationship he’s in is going nowhere and means nothing to him and then you spot his girlfriend wearing a ring on a very specific finger. At this point you have to back away. Respect the commitment they’ve made to one another and wish them well. It’s okay if you’re sad but trust that brighter days will come for you.


He Changed His Phone Number 📱

You can’t get a much bigger clue than this one. If he’s been giving you hints that he doesn’t want to talk to you and then suddenly his number is different, take the hint. It’s not going to work itself out. Give him the space he wants. And really, do you want to be with someone who doesn’t want you? Of course you don’t; move on and find someone who’s truly right for you.

These’re 7 signs you’re never going to get back together. Are you in this position of wanting to get back together? You’re welcome to share here.

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