Easy Signs to Know He's Ready to Commit for Girls Who Can't Just Ask ...


When you've finally found your special person, everything burns a little brighter. Even though this sounds clichΓ©, it totally fits the bill. It doesn't matter if you haven’t seen each other in a while – it’s almost like the minute that you’re together πŸ‘« (and you get to see his smile πŸ˜€ up close), all of that disappears πŸ’™.

It’s official. You're in it for the long haul. But does he feel the same?

There's nothing more nerve-wracking than figuring out whether or not your guy is just as serious about you. Even though you know that he adores you and loves ❀️ spending time πŸ•Ÿ with you, you aren't sure if he's actually ready to commit to something more long term. And that freaks. You. Out. Before you panic, here's how you can tell that your man is ready to take the next step.

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You Don't Have to Go out to Have a Good Time πŸ‘

Staying in and catching up on your favorite Netflix shows is just as romantic πŸ’ as booking a reservation at that fancy French πŸ‡«πŸ‡· restaurant.


There Are No πŸ™… Hidden Exes Waiting on the Sidelines

Because you guys have already talked about your previous relationships, you know that there's nothing to worry 😟 about. His exes are where they belong – in the past.


He Makes Long Term Plans Waaaay in Advance. He Also Doesn't Freeze 😨 when You Bring up the Future

He's not afraid to say things like "I can't wait to take you here for our anniversary next year" or "I can see us doing that when we're 30-40-50."


He Gets along with Your Family πŸ‘ͺ or Makes an Effort to Get to Know Them

Your family is important to you, which means that they are important to him.


You Have Your Own Special Handshake or Quirky Greeting ✌️

Who cares if your friends will forever judge you for it?


Your Relationship πŸ‘« Would Survive Being Long Distance

If push came to shove and you were suddenly offered a job in another state or country, he'd do whatever it takes to make your relationship πŸ’ work.


You've Had the Money πŸ’΅ Talk πŸ“² (and No 😭 Tears Were Shed!)

Being in a serious relationship means being honest about how much money πŸ’΅ you both make and what you can contribute, finance wise.


Major Deal Breakers Have Already Been Accounted for

Are you more career driven β€Œο»Ώβ€ŒπŸ’Όβ€Œ ο»Ώβ€Œο»Ώwhile he's always pictured himself having at least three kids πŸ‘ͺ? This is a conversation that you've had in extensive detail more than once - or have at least broached before.


He's Your Biggest Fan πŸ™Œ and Vice Versa

He goes to all of your events, big or small, because he knows how much it means to you.


You Know What You Both Want in Bed πŸ˜‰

You're also comfortable trying new things together.


You Don't Need to Stalk His Snapchat or Instagram Feed to See What He's up πŸ‘† to

There's no 🚫 need to decode his messages; you know where your relationship πŸ’ stands.


You Push Each Other to Reach Your Goals πŸ‘Š

Seeing how passionate you are about something motivates him to try just as hard.


You Have a Favorite Pizza PlaceπŸ•, Park Bench 🌳, Coffee Shop β˜• Where You Spend Most of Your Time

It might as well be your "place".


You Respect πŸ™‡ Each Other's Views, Even if They're Drastically Different

If you can talk πŸ’¬ politics without it turning into a screaming match, he's a keeper.


You're Comfortable around Him, Even when You're Feeling Super Vulnerable 😟

He always makes you feel safe βœ”οΈ.


You Both Can't Remember What Life Was like before You Became a Couple πŸ’

(And you hope 🌠 you never have to πŸ’“.)

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