3 Signs He is Not the One ...

By Emily

Are you starting to see signs he is not the right man for you?

Love can be a difficult thing. Finding the perfect man may be pie-in-the-sky-thinking. However, most women will find the perfect man for them even if he doesn’t meet all the requirements on their checklist. Men will have their flaws. As women attach to someone that is wonderful for them, there are other women who attach themselves to someone who is anything but perfect for their own good. Whether from desperation or low self-esteem, some women are blind to how poisonous their guy can be in their life. Here are three signs he is not the right man for you.

Table of contents:

  1. criticizes you too much
  2. won’t participate in activities with you
  3. doesn’t acknowledge your achievements

1 Criticizes You Too Much

If he only points out your flaws and your mistakes, the relationship is definitely in a bad state. If he calls you out on huge mistakes you have made and does so occasionally, then everything is normal. But criticizing you for very little mistakes on a daily basis is not cool. When it comes to flaws, the perfect man should be willing to accept them and should build you up instead since the world already tears you down. Isn’t the whole point of sharing your life with someone to team up against the world and to help each other escape from everyday life? This is one of the classic signs you are not with the right guy and you should re-evaluate your relationship.

2 Won’t Participate in Activities with You

For a healthy relationship, it is important for a couple to do things together and have adventures. It is still normal to do things separately but how often is the key. If he shows no interest in doing anything with you besides just being present in the room, how is the relationship going to work later on when there is barely any interaction or fond memories to share with each other.

3 Doesn’t Acknowledge Your Achievements

Again, couples are supposed to build each other up and encourage one another. How can a man encourage you if he doesn’t get excited about anything great that happens to you? A man who truly loves you wants the best for you and wants you to be happy. If he truly loves you, he will be joyous when that goal is being reached. Meeting your man with news of a promotion at work to only get a wimpy “great” and a change in subject from him is a sure stab to the heart. It is even worse when your lifelong dream has come true and he could care less.

To all women out there, life is short. Don’t waste it with a man who is destroying you from the inside. Even if you don’t find that perfect Prince Charming, there is someone who will make you happy.

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