7 Ways to Know πŸ€” if He's the One πŸ’– for Girls Not Quite Sure ❓ ...

There are lots of ways to know he's the one. For a lot of us, the goal of dating is to find β€œthe one”. Your married friends will tell you that they just knew he was the one. But for those mere mortals like us, who need to look for something a little more concrete, here are a few ways to know he's the one.

1. He’s Your Friend, Not Just Your Partner

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Is he the kind of person that you would hang out with? If not, I suggest taking a good hard look at your relationship, because if you are going to settle down with him, you’re going to be hanging out. A lot. I strongly believe in the idea that he should be your best friend as well as your partner. If you wouldn’t be friends with him, why on earth are you dating him? If he's your friend and lover, that's one of the top ways to know he's the one.

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