Wonderful 😍 Signs He Truly 👍 Loves You 💘 for Girls Who Aren't ❌ Quite Sure 🤔 ...

What are the signs he truly loves you? First, he can say it and not simply want sex. Then, he can tell you not to upset you. Then, he can NOT say it, but truly DOES love you! The following are five**signs he truly loves you**.

Bernardo Mendez
October 15, 2015

1. Are You a Priority in His Life?

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Not the only priority, but does he put some of your needs ahead of his? That's one of the signs he truly loves you.

2. How Generous is He with His Time, Energy and Money?

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Don't fall for the B.S. of no time for you. Does he call? Does he text?

3. Does He Plan for the Future?

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Does he talk about future events concerning him and you? This will show commitment.

4. Is He Supportive of Your Dreams?

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Is he asking about your dreams? Is he there in times of trouble?

5. Does He Want to See the Real You?

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This shows love even if he does not say it. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Raise your expectations and see what happens. If he shows no effort, move on. If he does show effort, then the love is there.

Good luck!

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