17 Signs to Recognize He's Only 💯 Interested in Sex 🙊 ...


Even if it seems like a man really likes you, he might just be using you for sex. That's why you have to keep an eye open to make sure that he's not just looking to get lucky. If you're just not sure where he stands, here are a few signs that he's only interested in sex:

1. Convos Are Always Sexual

Convos Are Always Sexual

If you ask him an innocent question about what he's eating for dinner and he turns the conversation into a sexual one, it means only one thing is on his mind.

He Only Texts You after Midnight


. . . SO MANY MIX SIGNALS! this helped and not helped? Sorry, not sorry?
What if he acts as if he loves you and makes you believe that your his girlfriend just for this 😔💔
I experienced this! Some guys are pigs!!
This is soo true, have experienced this few months back, some guys SMH
True .. 💯
Perfect. So absolutely true. Every one of them
I was waiting for the supernatural gif tbh
Yes I was. That's why I am single now & I am not saying that this is the way it should be. It's just that it's so hard & seems impossible to find a perfect guy for me... Sometimes I even don't believe...
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