17 Signs Youre Just His Side Chick ...

By Holly

You shouldn't assume that a guy wants to be your boyfriend, just because he's kissed you or hooked up with you. Some men are players. They'll use you for sex, even though they have another girl that they're more committed to. Here are a few signs that you're just his side chick:

Table of contents:

  1. he won’t hang out with you in public
  2. he keeps you away from his family
  3. he hangs out with you the same time each week
  4. he goes mia the same time each week
  5. he won’t add you on social media
  6. his social media says he’s in a relationship
  7. your name isn’t programmed into his phone
  8. he calls you nicknames instead of your own name
  9. he won’t let you spend the night
  10. he won’t post pics of you online
  11. he always booty calls you
  12. he won’t make plans in advance
  13. he never answers his phone when you call
  14. he wont let you see his phone
  15. you always hang out at your place
  16. he won’t label your relationship
  17. he uses the phrase "netflix and chill"

1 He Won’t Hang out with You in Public

If he won't walk through the mall with you or go out to eat, he probably doesn't want to be seen with you. If he gets caught cheating, then the charade is over.

2 He Keeps You Away from His Family

Why would he introduce his parents to a girl he doesn't want anyone to know about?

3 He Hangs out with You the Same Time Each Week

If he only hands out with you once a week, at the same time, it might be the only day that his real girlfriend is busy.

4 He Goes MIA the Same Time Each Week

If he won't answer your text messages at a certain time each week, and he's not at work or in class, he's probably with his girlfriend.

5 He Won’t Add You on Social Media

If his girlfriend sees your name, she may start to snoop, and that's the last thing he wants.

6 His Social Media Says He’s in a Relationship

Don't assume that the relationship is with you. If your name isn't on his page, be weary.

7 Your Name Isn’t Programmed into His Phone

If he's always texting you, your name should be in his phone. If it's not, he doesn't want anyone to see it pop up on his screen.

8 He Calls You Nicknames Instead of Your Own Name

If he always calls you "baby" or "sweetie," don't assume he's being sweet. He might be using nicknames, so that he doesn't call you the wrong name by mistake.

9 He Won’t Let You Spend the Night

If he wants you out of the house by morning, he's probably using you for sex. Otherwise, he'd make time to snuggle.

10 He Won’t Post Pics of You Online

If he won't post any pictures of you, he doesn't want the world to see you together.

11 He Always Booty Calls You

Do all of his texts come after midnight? If they do, then he's probably just looking to get laid.

12 He Won’t Make Plans in Advance

If he won't make plans with you a week in advance, it's a bad sign. Waiting until the last second shows a lack of effort.

13 He Never Answers His Phone when You Call

Does he refuse to talk on the phone? That's probably because his girlfriend would hear him. It's much easier to text.

14 He Wont Let You See His Phone

If he won't let you look at his phone, he might have something to hide--like pictures and messages from another woman.

15 You Always Hang out at Your Place

If you've never been to his house, it's probably because he doesn't want anyone seeing your car in his driveway.

16 He Won’t Label Your Relationship

If he liked you, he'd call you his girlfriend. If he won't label the relationship, something's fishy.

17 He Uses the Phrase "Netflix and Chill"

This is code for sex. Nothing more, nothing less.

Keep a look out for these red flags if you want to avoid getting your heart broken. Have you ever been a guy's side chick?

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