7 Things That Prove He's Relationship Material ...


7 Things That Prove He's Relationship Material ...
7 Things That Prove He's Relationship Material ...

Everyone is different, which is why you have to examine your man's behavior before you can decide whether or not he'd make a great boyfriend. After all, some guest just aren't meant to be in relationships. Of course, other men are born to date. If you're trying to figure out which category your man falls under, here are a few things that prove he's relationship material:

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He's Comfortable Expressing His Feelings

He's Comfortable Expressing His Feelings Some people actually believe that men aren't supposed to cry or show any emotion at all. Of course, that's a total lie. If you want to have a healthy relationship with a guy, then it's crucial that he opens up to you. If he keeps his feelings bottled up, they're eventually going to explode. It's best for him to be honest with you from the start.


He Doesn't Flirt with Other Women

He Doesn't Flirt with Other Women You don't want to date a man who can't keep his hands to himself. If he's flirting with every woman he sees, then how will you ever be able to trust him? A good boyfriend will be so happy to have you that the thought of flirting with another girl won't even enter his mind.


He Can Balance Work and Love

He Can Balance Work and Love You should never have to choose between your career and your love life. Your boyfriend shouldn't have to, either. If he's relationship material, he'll be able to balance all of the different areas of his life without neglecting one of them. That means he'll be able to hold a job while finding enough time to spend with you.


He Keeps in Contact

He Keeps in Contact A good boyfriend is responsible. When you text him, he'll text you right back. He'll never mysteriously drop out of your life and return in a week with a boatload of crummy excuses. He'll always be there for you, and he won't be afraid to text you before you text him.


He Involves You in His Life

He Involves You in His Life If he was proud to call you his girlfriend, he'd take every opportunity he could to show you off to the world. He'd invite you out with his friends and ask you to meet his parents. He'd tell you all about his job and ask you about yours. He'd do whatever he could to get you involved in his life, because everything's better when you're by his side.


He Keeps His Promises

He Keeps His Promises If he tells you he'll call you, then he'll actually call. If he makes a promise to you, then you don't have to worry about him following through, because he always does. Anyone can make a promise, but only certain people can manage to keep those promises.


He's Responsible

He's Responsible He doesn't have to have a high paying job, but he should definitely have a job. If he doesn't, then he should at least have a good idea of what he wants to do with his future. If he's in college or in an internship program, that's a great sign. It means he's taking responsibility for himself.

Even if your man doesn't possess any of these traits, he might make a good boyfriend. You'll just have to decide that on your own. Do you genuinely believe that your man is relationship material?

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