16 Signs ⚠️ It's Time to Move on 🗑 from Your Crush 💔 ...


If you're looking for signs it's time to move on from your crush, you've already hit the first sign. We’ve all been in that situation. We’ve spent countless nights staying up, wondering if our efforts have been meaningless. We look at the clock and it’s already half past 2am but all it makes us think about is that we’ve spent so long chasing someone that might never be ours.

And one of the hardest things in life is to pretend we don’t care when, in fact, we do. We can’t help it. It’s human nature that when we desire something, we go after it even if the worst seems inevitable and the best seems impossible.

But sometimes, we have to put ourselves first. We have to think of our mental health and our ability to recover if we do end up going all in. So what’s the best way to stop all the pain from happening? Knowing when it’s time to move on. Here are the top ways to be sure.

1. How He Treats You is Everything

We’ve heard it said, but I don’t think we can ever hear it enough. The way he treats you is the way he feels about you. If he doesn’t seem to give you a lot of attention or it’s only sporadic, it’s time to say goodbye and find someone who will treat you the way you deserve. You have to remember you are capable of love and being loved. You deserve nothing less than the best, especially when you know that you’ve given the situation your all.

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