8 Signs It's a Good First Date ...


8 Signs It's a Good First Date ...
8 Signs It's a Good First Date ...

Good First Date experiences may seem like a myth, but there are definitely ways to tell if your date is going well. First dates can be awkward because both of you are worrying about so many things – are you making a good first impression, does your date like you, do you look okay, are you talking enough or too much? You wonder if you're boring or entertaining, if your date will want to go out with you again … so how can you assure a good first date? What you need to do is keep an eye out for the signs it's a good first date, and as it happens, I can help you with those!

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The Date Lasts a While

When you're on a really good first date, you never want it to end. If your date lasts longer than an hour, it's a pretty reliable sign that you're on a good one. Generally, first dates last about an hour and a half – if they're good. If you or your date starts checking the time or getting antsy before the first hour mark, it's probably not going so well.


When it comes to first dates, there are many signs that the date is going well. One of the most reliable signs is if the date lasts longer than an hour. Generally, first dates last about an hour and a half, so if your date lasts longer than that, it's a good sign that there is a connection between the two of you.

Another sign that your date is going well is if neither of you is checking the time or getting antsy. If you or your date is constantly looking at the clock or fidgeting, then it's likely that the date is not going as well as you had hoped.

If you and your date are talking easily and openly, without any awkward silences, then that is also a good sign. It's a good indication that you are both comfortable around each other and that you have things in common.

Body language is also an important indicator of how the date is going. If you and your date are facing each other, leaning in, and maintaining eye contact, this is a good sign that the date is going well.


There's a Little Touching

This sign is subtle; just because you're date isn't trying to grope you doesn't mean it's not going well. Rather, if your date touches your arm or your hair, or if you touch his or her knee, and you both seem to feel comfortable, congratulations! That's an excellent sign!


The Ending of a Good First Date Lingers

When a date ends super abruptly, with no attempt to linger or make plans to see each other again, it's a dud. However, if both of you are lingering before you leave, you're definitely on track for a good first date. If your date isn't making excuses about having to get home to feed a pet or because of an early morning, you're good to go!


The Conversation Flows

Smooth flowing conversation is a sure sign of a wonderful first date. When the conversation is stilted the entire night, it points to more than nerves and first date jitters. When the two of you have no trouble finding things to talk about, though, you're having a successful night.


You Talk about the Future

I'm not saying a good first date ends with talk of marriage or something, no way. However, if the two of you find yourselves talking about things you want to do or try together, that's an excellent sign. Odds are, the two of you will be seeing more of each other!


Lots of Eye Contact

When your date isn't into you, he or she won't want to keep up direct eye contact. The reverse is true as well, of course. So, if you two look at each other and keep up eye contact while you're having a conversation, you can feel pretty assured that the date is going very well.


Making eye contact is a great way to gauge how your date is feeling. It is a nonverbal way to communicate that you are interested in what your date has to say. When someone is not into you, they may avoid direct eye contact or may look away frequently. On the other hand, if your date is into you, they will likely maintain eye contact throughout the conversation.

Eye contact can also be used to show your date that you are listening and paying attention. When you look into someone’s eyes, it can make them feel heard and understood. This can help create a deeper connection between the two of you.

When you make eye contact with someone, it can also be a sign of trust and openness. It can demonstrate that you are comfortable with the person and that you are not afraid to be vulnerable.

Making eye contact with your date is also a great way to show that you are confident and self-assured. It shows that you are comfortable with yourself and with the person you are with.


Total Relaxation

Pay attention to your date's posture. When your date seems rigid and tense, that's always a bad sign. However, if he or she seems relaxed, if his or her posture is lax and cool, then you're very likely having a good first date.


Good body language is a great sign that your first date is going well. Pay attention to how your date is sitting or standing. If they seem relaxed, with their arms and legs uncrossed and their posture relaxed, then it's a good sign that they are enjoying themselves. On the other hand, if your date's posture is rigid and tense, it could be a sign that they are feeling uncomfortable or anxious.

In addition to posture, watch for other signs of relaxation. Does your date seem to be smiling and laughing easily? Are they able to make eye contact with you, or do they seem to be avoiding it? Are they engaging in conversation, or do they seem to be struggling to come up with something to say? All of these are clues to how your date is feeling.

A good first date should also be enjoyable. Are you both having fun? Are you able to talk about topics that interest you both? Are you able to share stories and experiences? If so, then you're likely having a good time.


A Second Date

Finally, it goes without saying that if you two arrange a second date right then, your first one has been stellar. Typically, if neither of you have had a good time or if you're on the fence, a second date won't come right away. Once that whole future conversation comes to fruition, however, it's the best sign of all.

Not only can you have a good first date, but it's actually surprisingly easy to figure out when you're on a good first date. You just have to pay attention to the signs and, if you aren't seeing them, then you can adjust your behavior accordingly. The best tip for having a good first date is not to sweat it so much; anxiety is as much to blame for bad first dates as bad chemistry. How about you share some details about your best and worst first dates?

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