7 Signs of Sexual Incompatibility to Be Aware of...


Sexual incompatibility can be a serious problem in a relationship. Many an otherwise happy partnership has fallen apart because a couple couldn't fix their sexual difficulties. But what makes a couple incompatible in bed? Here are some of the signs of sexual incompatibility you should watch out for …

1. Pressure

Sexual incompatibility can often be shown by your partner putting pressure on you in some way. Maybe they push you to have sex when you don't want to, or pressure you to do something you're uncomfortable with. Someone who loves you would never do that. It's reasonable to discuss something new that he'd like to try, but not to pressurise you.

Unsafe Sex


Please write partner(s) instead of him/man etc, so that all sexualities can relate to this post. In general this text was great though!
Phoenix Lotusi
@loveturqoise, Sometimes survivors of trama, have this same issue. It may be good to find a trustworthy professional to talk to. Or maybe, your just not that into these people and when your potential 'soulmate' appears it will be different.
@Crystal Skye sometimes a woman has to learn her own body and during sex do the positions and work it takes to reach the orgasm. Then let him take over if he wants lol. Sry if my advice doesn't apply/help u. Just a thought:)
Crystal Skye
It's been over a year and he's never given me an orgasm. He's stopped trying and it's over as soon as he's finished. We've talked and fought about this many times. I don't know what to do.
I can't help it but every time after sex I regret doing it I'm not sure why I love him but still when it comes to sex I think I didn't wait as long as I should
Cristina Diana
Awesome post!
Bee James
Number 3 is a huge issue in my relationship with my bf. the trick is comprise is the key and when u don't have that your in trouble
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