10 Signs 🚧 of Untrue Love πŸ’” ...


When you are in a relationship that includes really strong feelings, you might often mistake them for love, but it is important to understand that being with someone in really meaningful way doesn’t always mean that you are totally and utterly and in love. True love is something that we all crave, but it isn’t always something that we get to experience with every new encounter. If you can recognise the differences between being in a β€˜good’ relationship and a relationship that really is true love, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary romantic hassle along the road. Here are ten signs of untrue love.

1. Lack of Mind Reading

You can’t seem to be able to understand what your partner is thinking at any time, and they can’t do the same for you. There is a real lack of that deep connection that people in true love like to talk about.

No Chemistry