15 Signs That Someone Likes You Romantically ...


Some people are better than others at 'reading' signals but there are some classic signs that someone likes you romantically to look out for. Of course, they're not foolproof and some people can send out mixed signals, which is sometimes part of the "do they, don't they like me" fun. Whilst the early part of a relationship is great, the bit before the early part of the relationship is even better. That wondering whether they like you... catching their eye... the butterflies in the stomach... Sorry, I was lost for a moment! Reading subtle signals is key and sometimes the signals are not all that subtle at all! Here are some signs that someone likes you romantically.

1. Conversation

Pay close attention to the conversation. Is this person showing a special interest in you and what you do? Do they ask keep asking questions in an attempt to keep the conversation going? Are they genuinely showing interest in things you like? This can be one of the classic signs that someone likes you romantically. Also, do they smile at you? A smile can say a lot and is a classic flirtation technique. If you're enjoying the conversation then keep it going, and if you're interested then ask questions to show you're equally interested in their life too.

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Ya Tan
Gucciqueen - men are mostly the same, hard to find a diamond in the rough you know 😞
Some men will never have the guts to tell you they like u bt if ur smart u can tell on ur own :)
Ya Tan
Most of the times I experience all these signs with most of the guys that I know and they all turn out to be my good friends with another girl in mind or a girlfriend, damn.
Everytime i read these i has someone in mind. These are so helpful!
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