7 TellTale Signs He is Going to Leave You ...


7 TellTale Signs He is Going to Leave You ...
7 TellTale Signs He is Going to Leave You ...

With all of the different signs he is going to leave you to watch out for, how can you be sure you are really paying attention? Guys can be fickle – so can girls, but how can you really know if he is planning on ending what you two have and leaving? Take a look at some telltale signs he is going to leave you and that he just isn't happy at all in the relationship you two built.

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Huge Distance

I'm not just talking about a distance that you feel after you have a baby or a distance you feel when you are fighting, I'm talking about a huge distance, where you almost don't know each other anymore. This is one of the surefire signs he is going to leave you and that he could be looking for someone that is going to make him happy. It might not be something that you did – it could be just that you two drifted apart.


No Connection

The connection piece in a relationship is huge; if you are missing that, you are missing out on a lot. Lyndsie and I of course have our problems, but there is always a common ground and an understanding that we have – if you're missing that and you have no idea where you stand with your boyfriend, you've got to really take a look at how happy you both are in your relationship.


Constant Fighting

The fighting has increased from small little debates and disagreements to fighting constantly. These fights are no longer small and they are no longer fights that last for minutes or hours, they are fights that last for days and sometimes even weeks. If you are finding that you are fighting more than normal, that you are fighting more than getting along, that's a problem.


He Spends More Nights Away

Does he have a safe place that he goes and spends the night? If you don't live together, this could even be normal – but do you find yourself alone more often than not? This is a sign that he is already thinking about leaving you and that he truly isn't happy with you. Do yourself a favor – talk to him about it before he has a chance to just leave you.


You Can't do Anything Right

When you two are together, do you have that constant feeling like that you can't do anything right? Is he always nitpicking at every single thing that you do? Do you do the same thing to him? It's not a great feeling, is it? Talk to him about it, let him know how you are feeling.


Constant Annoyance

How about the annoyance level that you two have? This is a hard thing to stop, but if you two are constantly getting on each other's nerves, it can be a sign that he's ready to bolt, especially if it always leads into a horrible fight. Talking about it and truly ensuring that you are both on the same page is a great way to overcome this.


You Never Know Where He is

Finally, do you know where he is – not at all times, but most times? Lyndsie always knows when I am at work, on my way home and if I head out with some friends – I check in because if something happens, I want her to know where I am. Does your boyfriend do the same thing? If the answer is no, there has to be a reason for it.

Now that you know some of the top signs that he might be thinking about leaving you, it's time to face facts: do you want to be with him? Have you considered that?

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I'm happy to know that someone can be openly gay over the Internet and not get attacked for it. Faith in humanity restored.

what i will do?

Article by captain obvious

i am just confused whats going on my brain saying something different and heart something else ....i dont know...

I'm with someone that's lives different city.I don't know if I could trust him?

Distance is the first things guys do

All the telltale signs of my last relationship. Hindsight is always 20/20

Not knowing where they are doesn't happen too often. A simple text msg to say "I'm going to nap" or "I'm with my kids right now" makes you believe that the guy is telling you the truth. I learned it's not the truth at all. And using kids as an excuse makes me angry.

can this sign work for LDR?? I dont know my BF today - I could not reach him through Phone, and sending him text, We talked normaly yesterday and since last night I could not reach him - Due of time different probably, but I just feel worried if he cheated i know i cant be negative but honestly i just worried

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