Signs πŸš₯ to Look for πŸ‘€ That Say You're in Love πŸ’˜ with Your Best Friend πŸ€— ...


Do you have the one close friend who, sometimes, just sometimes, you get mixed emotions about and a sense that your feelings for them might be more than just platonic! Whether it’s a guy or a girl, friendships can be pretty intense, and all of a sudden they can go from completely normal to something more than in a matter of moments. Some of the strongest relationships in the world started out with the couple being best friends, but you need to make sure that you handle your emotions appropriately. Here are some signs that reveal you are in love with your best friend.

1. Tell Them First

Whenever you have some good news or a juicy secret to share, they are the very first person that you think of to tell. You couldn’t imagine wanting to tell anybody before them, because you care more what they think than anybody else in the world.

Physical Intimacy


I’ve been dating my bff for two years and all of this is right lmao
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