20 Signs Your Partner is Cheating ...


20 Signs Your Partner is Cheating ...
20 Signs Your Partner is Cheating ...

You never want to happen to you, but the unfortunate reality of love and relationships means that at some point in your dating life, you are probably going to be cheated on by a partner. When the cat is let out of the bag, it can feel like that worst thing in the world, and I bet that in that moment you wish you could have seen things coming more clearly than they actually did. To help you get ahead of the heartbreak, here are twenty signs that your partner is cheating.

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He’s Suddenly Started to Change His Daily Habits


He Now Leaves the House Earlier and Returns Later, Even Though His Job Circumstances Haven’t Changed


He’s Suddenly Taking a Few Unexpected Business Trips when They Were Never a Thing before


He Has Started to Come up with Reasons Not to Attend Family and Social Events with You


All of a Sudden He’s Working Lots of ‘overtime’, Even Though It Doesn’t Seem like His Pay is Getting Any Better


There is Some Unexplained Spending That He Can’t Account for, Almost like He’s Going out on Secret Dates


You’ve Discovered That He Has Secret Social Media Accounts like a Twitter or Instagram That He Isn’t Telling You about


He Makes a Big Thing of Hiding His Credit Card Bills and Statements from You


You Have Noticed a Change in His Grooming Habits, Almost as if He’s Trying to Impress Someone


You Have Noticed That He Smells Different of Late, Could He Have Someone else’s Scent on Him?


You’ve Seen Him Bringing Gifts Home Secretly, but then Those Gifts Never Actually Make It to You. Who Are They for?


You Have Found Things That You Can’t Explain, like Condoms in His Car


He Has Recently Joined a Gym, Even Though You Hadn’t Discussed It at All


You Notice Lots of Missed Calls from an Unknown Number on His Phone


When You See His Messages, He is Writing in Some Kind of Code or Secretive Style


You Are Having Much Less Sex than You Used to


He Gets Super Defensive and Evasive when You Ask Him Any Kind of Question That He Isn’t Necessarily Prepared for


He is Telling You Things That You Understand Are Obvious Lies, but He is so Caught up in It That He Doesn’t Realise


He Has a Growing Prickliness or Temper with You Whenever You Want to Make Short Notice Plans with Him


He Hates Any Kind of Surprise Visit That You Make, Possibly Because You Risk Walking into Something That You Shouldn’t

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