8 Signs You Aren't Satisfying Your Partner ...


8 Signs You Aren't Satisfying Your Partner ...
8 Signs You Aren't Satisfying Your Partner ...

To have successful relationships, you need compatibility. Compatibility has to be present both physically and emotionally. You have to stimulate your partner with intellect and conversation. This might be easy to accomplish if you both have similar personalities. It is also possible for partners to become disconnected physically. If you aren’t satisfying your partner in bed, it can cause major problems.

Intimacy is an important part of every relationship. It lets each partner express their feelings physically. If the relationship doesn’t have a physical connection that is mutual, then you are really just friends.

In some cases, a couple might not match up physically due to not being as skilled as their partner. In other cases, they just don’t share the same interests. How can you tell if you are satisfying your partner? If they are lucky, their partner will just be honest and tell them they’re bad. Most of the time people aren’t that mean and just want to spare their partner’s feelings. If this is the case, look for these signs you aren’t satisfying your partner in bed.

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No Cuddles

It is a big deal to be intimate with your partner. It isn’t just physical. It is an emotional connection, too. If used together, you are guaranteed a good time. Couples normally cuddle after intimacy to bask in the moment. If your partner just rolls over and ignores you once you are finished, something is terribly wrong. This holds true if cuddling was always part of the normal routine


Too Much Feedback

If you haven’t been satisfying your partner, getting pointers can be beneficial. This is a good sign your partner is very comfortable and knows you will do whatever it takes to help your relationship. If the feedback begins to sound like a broken record, then you need to begin listening and taking things to heart


Lack of Feedback

During intimacy if your partner just lays there, you can bet they are not enjoying what’s happening to them. This is the easiest sign to read that you aren’t satisfying your partner. If they won’t give you any feedback, it might mean they aren’t comfortable talking to you


Same Old Routine

It can be hard to keep the spark in a relationship. If you have been with the same partner for a long time, you will more than likely fall into a routine. It is normal for couples to deal with this. Intimacy can’t be rehearsed. It has to be spontaneous at all times. Look to your partner for signs. They will let you know whether or not they are being satisfied


They Won’t Sleep with You

This is the tell tale sign that you haven’t been satisfying your partner. If they use excuses like having headaches or too tired when you both have the opportunity to get intimate, you just might not be performing up to their standards

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They Get Injured

Being intimate with your partner should be passionate and spicy. It shouldn’t be painful for either of you. If you cause your partner injury, you aren’t satisfying your partner, just yourself


You Are Going Too Fast

As stated before, intimacy can’t be rehearsed. It has to be passionate and spontaneous. This means you can’t rush it. Show how much you care about your partner by taking it slow and easy. If you rush into it, you might show them that you think it’s just a chore and you can’t wait to get it over with. If you do this every time you are intimate, you are definitely not satisfying your partner


They Constantly Talk about Their Favorite Fantasies

Sharing fantasies is a great way to communicate. It lets both partners know what each other likes. If one partner is always bringing up a certain fantasy, you might not be performing to their standards. Instead of them always voicing their fantasies, surprise them by fulfilling one of them

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