7 Signs You Are Ready to Get Engaged ...


If you are deeply in love and thinking about the future, you should learn the telltale signs you are ready to get engaged. Take the time to analyze your feelings and your relationship to determine if you should be making a permanent commitment to your current partner. If you have a deep feeling he may be the one, check out the signs you are ready to get engaged.

1. Long-Term Planning

Dreaming about bachelorette parties, wedding dresses and the reception is always so much fun. But one of the signs you are ready to get engaged is that you understand that the marriage itself is far more important than the wedding day. Marriage is a life-long commitment that requires a lot more planning than just one day. There is much more to it than a fancy dress and being king and queen for the day like money, children, career goals, religion and figuring out how to discipline children.

Done with Dating
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