7 Things He Does to Show You He Cares ...


7 Things He Does to Show You He Cares ...
7 Things He Does to Show You He Cares ...

Men and women have different ways of expressing affection but when a guy is really into you, there are obvious things he does to show you he cares. It’s rare to find such a guy who possesses these qualities but when you find one that does, don’t let him go. Next time you spend time with your guy, pay close attention to things he does to show you he cares!

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He Respects You

toddler, recreation, screenshot, Showing you respect is one of the most important signs he cares about you. This means: respecting your boundaries, respecting your morals and values, as well as respecting your family and friends. If you ever at any point of your relationship feel uncomfortable, you probably feel deep down that there isn’t a level of mutual respect between the two of you. When a guy respects you, I mean REALLY respects you, he will be patient with you and he will never be forceful.


Respect manifests in how he honors your time and opinions. Even when disagreements arise, he listens and values your perspective. He also takes your achievements seriously and supports your ambitions, celebrating your successes as if they were his own. Understanding that respect is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship, he carries this attitude beyond just the two of you, treating people in your life with kindness and consideration. If he's doing these things, it's clear he holds you in high esteem.


He Gives You Space

girl, human, A healthy relationship requires both parties to understand and respect each other’s personal bubble. A sure sign that he really cares about you is if he trusts you enough to go out with your girlfriends whenever you feel you need to take some you time. It’s wonderful and romantic to spend time together, of course, but you need time for you too, girl! A guy that understands that is a keeper.


It's all about balance and recognizing that independence is as vital as togetherness in any blossoming relationship. When he encourages you to pursue your ambitions and hobbies, it's his way of saying I believe in you. Moreover, he's not just giving you space; he's cherishing the moments when you're apart because it means you get to come back to him refreshed and full of stories. That’s the mark of a man who's confident in what you have together – he's in it for the long run.


He Listens to You

person, girl, phenomenon, interaction, film, Ladies, contrary to what the world makes us believe that men are all after only one thing or that they don’t like to listen to us, there ARE guys out there who are very genuine and compassionate. A guy who really cares about you will take time to listen to you – he will want to be that shoulder to cry on and to be attentive to you and want to give you feedback to your stories.


He's not just nodding along; he's engaging with what you're saying, asking questions, and remembering the little details. It's these conversations where he proves he's not just physically present, but also emotionally invested. And when it comes down to advice or a helping hand, he ensures to offer wisdom that caters specifically to your needs and concerns. Because to him, what matters to you, matters deeply. That attentive ear is a testament to the affection and respect he has for you.


He Encourages You

human hair color, blond, girl, sitting, shoulder, Encouragement is crucial in every relationship, even among friends. To establish a healthy relationship with a guy, both you and him need to encourage each other in all that you do. If he really cares about you, he will be the first one to say YES to helping you achieve a dream, or he will send you sweet messages of inspiration throughout the day, or he may even just show up at your house to show you that he wants to be there with you and FOR you. You are special. Tell yourself every day that you deserve a guy who uplifts you instead of brings you down, who inspires you rather than discourages you, and you appreciates you rather than takes advantage of you.


Encouragement is like sunlight for the soul, and a guy who genuinely adores you will shine plenty of it your way. He celebrates your victories, big or small, and is your personal cheerleader, even when you doubt yourself. Expect him to be there, offering a listening ear or a pep talk, before the big interview or after a rough day. He believes in your potential and reminds you that every setback is a setup for a comeback. With him, you'll find an endless reservoir of motivation and a true partner in your corner.


He Trusts You

black, photograph, black and white, man, person, Trusting someone is the most difficult and yet most important foundation of every relationship. We’ve all been burned by someone at one point in our lives…maybe even several times and maybe even more than once by the same person. A guy I was dating over the summer gave me the impression that he was not trustworthy and after a month of talking, he told me he still loved his ex. I understand it can be difficult to open yourself up to someone and it can be difficult to trust; however, if a guy truly cares about you he will speak with his actions rather than his words, he will keep promises no matter how small, and he will stick by your side no matter what. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t trust you or whom you don’t trust.


A partner who genuinely values your relationship will let you into their life without hesitation. They understand that trust is synonymous with respect and intimacy. Maybe they've handed you the extra keys to their apartment or shared their deepest fears and dreams with you; these are the signs that they see you more than just a partner, but as a confidante. It means they believe in the strength of the bond you're building together. Trust is not given lightly, and its presence is a true testament to how much they value you and your connection.

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He Surprises You

muscle, interaction, girl, Who doesn’t love surprises? The best kind of surprise is opening your door to see your crush or boyfriend unexpectedly standing outside, flowers given to you out of the blue, good morning text messages, or hugs from behind. You’re probably feeling all warm and fuzzy right now, aren’t ya? Well, this is the feeling you should hold on to and feel when you’re with the right guy. If he really cares, he will go out of his way to make sure that you are happy and feel safe and are always surprised with excitement!


Unexpected gestures spark joy in ways that cannot be put into words. Imagine coming home to a home-cooked meal when you haven’t even mentioned you were craving it. Or a spontaneous weekend getaway because you’ve had a stressful week. It’s not just about the grand gestures, either. Even the little things, like him remembering your favorite ice cream flavor and bringing it over, just because, shows how much he’s tuned in to what makes you smile. These surprises are the sweet echoes of his affection, resonating in the most delightful ways.


He is Open with You

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, snapshot, Ladies, openness is key to a long-lasting relationship. Women tend to be more in tune with their feelings and emotions than men, but when you find a guy who is really into you, HE will probably be more open with you than you are with him! He will want to tell you about his day, share stories about his family, and constantly ask you about how YOU are feeling and or find out what you’re doing.

A guy who cares about you will show you from day one. If you are not feeling butterflies or seeing him do any of these acts of kindness, he is not worth your beautiful time and energy. How am I so sure? Because I’ve dated guys who were sweet but not 100% attentive; who seemed to cross everything off the list but hid their true self underneath; who I thought I could see myself with long-term but in the end did not possess the qualities I was looking for. I can assure you ladies that guys who care exist…I am dating someone now who shows me all of these signs every single day and started showing me them from day one. My New Year's wish for you is that you find a guy who cares for you and shows it! Is your crush or boyfriend a caring best friend?

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love this article.... I love that he has these qualities and so much more!

Ladies, if your guy isn't all of these then he'd better be 90%. Not every guy is demonstrative or super talkative but when they truly love you they let you know. and if they aren't 100% supportive lose them.

love this article!

Wonderful article! It's making me think how many of these my ex possessed and he failed at 3 or 4, probs better for me we recently ended things so I can find someone who does have all of these qualities.

Very helpful ❤️

Love this article! Makes me feel confident that I made the right decision by ending it with my ex. I am just hoping I can find a guy with these qualities

Thank you for the advice! Love this❤️

I'm hooked up with a guy who possesses all the qualities mentioned. He's the best guy in my life. He is positive, hides nothing from me, is spontaneous, respect my feelings ,trusts me and listens to my heart. In fact, all I can say is that it is the first time i'd ever find peace in a relationship.

He has ALL of these and so many more

I love this article it really is a good guide to follow when you're in a relationship. I recently broke up with my boyfriend because i feel like he didn't respect my boundaries and morals and he never listened to my feelings. At first i wasn't sure if i made the right choice in breaking up but now I'm sure it was for the best.

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