7 Signs You Should End a Friendship That You Shouldn't Ignore ...


If you have been wondering whether you should continue a friendship, I’m going to share a couple of signs you should end a friendship that you shouldn't ignore. Just like a romantic relationship can change, so too can a friendship. It’s hard to accept and can be sad for everyone involved, but if you aren't happy with the friendship, it may be time to cut ties. Below I’m going to share the signs you should end a friendship.

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Drifted Apart

A great friendship requires effort from both of you. One of the signs you should end a friendship is when neither one of you is putting in any effort to maintain the relationship. Do you know what’s going on in your friend’s life? Do you know who she is dating or who she has a crush on? When was the last time you talked to her? If it has been a long time ago and you don’t have a clue what’s the latest news in her life, it's time to reconsider the friendship.


Shares Your Secrets

A true friend is someone that you are able to confide in. You can tell her about things, like the doubts you have in your relationship, without worrying that word will get back to your significant other. If she betrays you by spilling your secrets, you know she can’t be trusted. Ask yourself if you want someone like that in your circle of friends.


Interested in One Subject

Another type of friend that will happily suck the life out of you is the one that only enjoys talking about one subject: herself. She can go hours talking about the good and bad things happening in her life. If you try to discuss your own life and problems, she quickly interrupts and steers the spotlight back on her. This kind of person is selfish because she cares only about herself and very little about what’s going on in someone else’s life. A friendship should be a give and take relationship where you do your best to fulfill each other’s friendship needs.


Nothing in Common

A friendship usually begins because you share common interests through work, school or other social interests. Do you still have things in common with your friend? One of the signs that its time to end the friendship is when you have nothing in common anymore. If you continue the friendship, you risk having extremely boring conversations which leads us to our next point.


Boring Conversations

You used to find her fascinating and funny but those feelings have changed. Conversations with her feel tedious and bore you. You aren't interested in what she is talking about and would rather be doing anything else rather than having a conversation with her. If you stopped caring about her or what’s happening in her life, it's best to move on.


Never Hangout

The two of you rarely communicate and never hang out anymore. One or both of you may be too busy with work, school or kids. But if the two of you wanted to remain friends, you would work at making a bit of time for each other in your hectic schedules. If you don’t care about spending time together, it means the friendship is over.


Irritates You

It’s time to let go of this particular friend when being around her is irritating you. It’s likely that you may have changed and outgrown the friendship. This friendship can’t continue if everything about her is annoying you. If you can’t stand the way she acts or talks, it's best to end it.

So those are just a few signs that indicate you need to make a graceful exit from the friendship. What other signs made you feel that it was time to say goodbye to a friend?

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I think this applies to romantic relationships as well!

Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.

These are true but a lot of them could be worked out too

Awesome thanks a lot AWS my comment from a few hours ago was deleted hmm...

These points are spot on

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