21 Signs Your Date Isn't Going Well ...


When you're on a date, you'll wish you could read your partner's mind to see what they're thinking. Of course, that's impossible, but there's still a way to tell if your date is going well.

For instance, if there are a lot of awkward pauses, no follow-up questions, and shoulder surfing, then you two probably aren't meant to be. Here are a few more sings that your date isn't going well:

Don't feel bad about going on a date with a dud, because there's always a stud right around the corner. What other signs suggest that a date is going poorly?

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Lol the girl is kind of rude

LOL, dude this had to have been a blind date or something; because I wonder what kind of chemistry they had in the beginning to even make them make plans! O.O

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