5 Surefire Ways You Know He May Actually Be into You ...


5 Surefire Ways You Know He May Actually Be into You ...
5 Surefire Ways You Know He May Actually Be into You ...

Looking for ways you know he may actually be into you?
Nowadays relationships have been growing increasingly casual. Let's be honest, we've all had our fair shares of those he's just not that into you moments. Also, with social media and dating websites, your relationships become a huge and endless puzzle.

We are here to help the confused girl community with some tips. Here are 5 ways you know he may actually be into you.

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He Introduces You to His Friends and Family

Ask yourself this: have you ever introduced a man you don't like to your mom and dad? Exactly. No one wants to go through the trouble of answering a billion and one questions from their family. No mom, we haven't started planning our wedding.

Also, all our friends are often really judgemental because we know they're just looking out for us. What's scarier, introducing someone to your grandma or best friend...right? It's a hard decision. So chances are, if he is introducing you to his friends, he's proud and he's showing you off. That's one of the top ways you know he may actually be into you.


He Actually Texts You and Calls You on a Regular Basis

One of the most common things we hear from other girls is the ghost issue. Guys really think they can rent us like a library book and return us, never looking back. Well, one of the best feelings is a good morning and good night text. This shows that he is actually dedicating his time to you and investing himself in your relationship.

Not only that, but if he texts you often it most likely means that he enjoys talking to you and is thinking about you. We don't text those grade 3 pen pals on a regular basis, we text people we actually care about and think about.


He Remembers Things about You and Takes an Interest

Remember that time you told that guy you're allergic to peanuts and he get's you a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates for Valentine's? It was the thought that counted right? Uhm... NO. If a guy remembers details about your life it shows that he is actually listening to what you say and probably because he is interested in you and into learning more about you.

It would be even better if he actually did things to show you he was listening, like get you a card or put on your favourite movie. In a relationship, it really is the little things that count and when a guy takes interest from the very beginning it may be a good sign. Okay mom, now I'll start planning my wedding.


The REAL Compliments

Yes, being called pretty and beautiful is really nice. Who can deny that? But, there are definitely other compliments that we had to add to our book of REAL compliments. These are compliments that may not be necessarily concentrated around your physical characteristics but things that go deeper. It's really easy to see that you're good looking, I mean hello.... check out those Instagram likes.

These real compliments are things that compliment who you are as a person. One example of these compliments can be complimenting your intelligence or your successes. Girls, we know you're better than your monthly hair appointments and $100 Sephora carts and your man better know that too.


Body Language

Does he stand 10 feet away from you at a party or very rarely makes any physical contact with you? Not a good sign. Body language under any circumstance is extremely important. Body language reflects what's going on in his mind. If you guys are out in public and he can't keep his hands off of you, he's not afraid to show the world. If he talks to you with his feet pointing towards you and is leaning in, he's definitely interested.

Body language can also show you the difference between a friend and a boyfriend. When you're confused if he's into you and where you guys are in your relationship, instead of directly asking (which you should probably do anyway), the way his body reacts around you may give you hints. If he's touching your shoulder or hand in subtle ways, he may be into you.

We're all for making your own moves and breaking traditions! If you are interested in someone, be yourself and don't be afraid to ask! Let's hope these five signs give you the courage to ask the question: You're into me right?

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