8 Signs 🚦 You're Comfortable 😌 in Your Relationship πŸ’‘ ...


When it comes to love and partnership, I think we can all agree that one of the main goals is to get to a stage in your relationship where you feel truly β€˜comfortable’. Those early stages of dating are always a little bit tense and anxious; you are still working each other out and trying to decide on how serious you want to take things, but once you have completed all of those initial tests, the next goal is to achieve verified comfortable status! Do you think that you might already be there with your boo? Here are eight signs you are comfortable in your relationship.

1. Less Makeup

You don’t feel so compelled to wear make up every single minute of the day anymore. You’ve gotten to a point where he doesn’t need to see the superficial version of you all the time, and that also means that you are happy to let him see you at your most natural. Some people would say that this is at your most beautiful anyway!