Watch for These 7 Romantic Things That Are Actually Red Flags ...


Watch for These 7 Romantic Things That Are Actually Red Flags ...
Watch for These 7 Romantic Things That Are Actually Red Flags ...

The world of dating can be a tricky one to navigate, especially in terms of body language and trying to analyse behaviours and actions that you think are one thing but are actually something entirely different. You would be amazed by just how many things can come across as romantic to someone who already has a crush but seem sort of off to someone on the outside who doesn’t have an emotional investment in the partnership. You need to watch for these romantic things that are actually red flags .

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Pet Names

Pet names are cute, but only when you have been together for a while! If he is calling you honey bunch on your second date, then it could be a sign that he is starting to be over possessive, or that he is too needy. or that he easily forgets your name!


Ignore Friends

The moment you get together, they start completely ignoring their friends in favour of spending all their time with you. There’s adjusting priorities, and then there is being weird and completely changing your life schedule for one single person who you haven’t said ‘I love you’ to yet.


Constant Texting

The constant texting between the two of you might seem cute at first, but the more he does it, the more it might start to feel like he is only doing it so that he knows what you are doing at every minute of the day.


Social Media

He is all over your social media, liking everything and commenting on everything that you post even when it’s not about him. The more he does it, the more it will start to feel like he just keeping tabs on you.


Quick Parents Meeting

Most boyfriends delay meeting your parents for as long as they can, but he seems to have an unhealthy interest in meeting them as soon as possible. It stops being noble and starts being a bit creepy!


Moving in

His constant pushing to move in together might seem like an extreme showing of commitment and love, but don’t you also think that it could just be a way to trap you into the relationship? Especially if you have only been together for a little while.


Immediate Vacation

He wants to book a holiday with you right away before you have even really got to know each other that much. What kind of guy must he be if he assumes you would be comfortable to go to a different country with someone that you don’t follow know about yet?

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