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Signs a Guy Doesn't like You ...

By Leiann

Look out for these signs so you do not waste your time and so you can get over him!

1 It is Always Just You. You do Everything First, Including Phone Calls

2 He is Never Jealous. You Could Be Talking about Another Man or Something and He Has No Reaction

3 He Never Wants to Be Alone with You

4 Maybe He Already Has a Woman

5 He Just Might Be Overly Friendly

6 He Gives No Eye Contact. He Gives No Laughter to Your Jokes

7 He Gives No Compliments. He Gives No Special Attention

8 He Simply Walks Away from You when You Are Together

9 He Flat out Avoids You

10 He Flat out Tells You He Does Not like You. the Worst Sign but You Can Move on

I wish you much luck in the relationship department. I know how hard it is. But, one day you are going to find him. He is going to be worth the wait.

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