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Signs a Guy Doesnt like You ...

By Leiann

Look out for these signs so you do not waste your time and so you can get over him!

Table of contents:

  1. It is always just you. you do everything first, including phone calls
  2. He is never jealous. you could be talking about another man or something and he has no reaction
  3. He never wants to be alone with you
  4. Maybe he already has a woman
  5. He just might be overly friendly
  6. He gives no eye contact. he gives no laughter to your jokes
  7. He gives no compliments. he gives no special attention
  8. He simply walks away from you when you are together
  9. He flat out avoids you
  10. He flat out tells you he does not like you. the worst sign but you can move on

1 It is Always Just You. You do Everything First, Including Phone Calls

2 He is Never Jealous. You Could Be Talking about Another Man or Something and He Has No Reaction

3 He Never Wants to Be Alone with You

4 Maybe He Already Has a Woman

5 He Just Might Be Overly Friendly

6 He Gives No Eye Contact. He Gives No Laughter to Your Jokes

7 He Gives No Compliments. He Gives No Special Attention

8 He Simply Walks Away from You when You Are Together

9 He Flat out Avoids You

10 He Flat out Tells You He Does Not like You. the Worst Sign but You Can Move on

I wish you much luck in the relationship department. I know how hard it is. But, one day you are going to find him. He is going to be worth the wait.

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