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10 Signs He Wants to Keep It Casual ...

By Sici

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t swap my place in 2019 for a woman’s place in the 40s or 50s, but when you look back at romance in history, doesn’t it feel like there is more nonsense and game playing today than there was back then? The idea of just ‘hooking up’ or being ‘non-exclusive’ simply wasn’t a thing then, and us girls were much more confident about knowing where we stood with these dudes! If you are going through your own romantic drama at the moment and can’t decide for yourself, here are 10 classic signs he wants to keep it casual and not commit.

1 He’s Said It

This is obvious but it bears repeating! If he has straight up told you that he wants to keep things casual, then you can’t go expecting him to change his mind any time soon. No matter how you feel about him, you have to understand and accept that he has shown you his true feelings from the start.

2 No Meaningful Dates

You never go on proper, meaningful dates like other couples. You tend to just text each other and then meet up at one of your houses and get down to business. It’s basically booty call territory!

3 Friends and Family

You haven’t met his friends and family, and he hasn’t shown any interest in making those meetings happen. It’s a sign that he doesn’t see you as a super important feature of his life.

4 No Depth

When you have talks and conversations with him, you find that he never wants to delve deep and really get personal and intimate. Everything that you talk about is always surface level, silly stuff.

5 Unreachable

He can go two or three days without replying to a text you sent or answering your calls, but if you were what he considered to be a ‘girlfriend’, it’s pretty clear that he would be making more of an effort to keep in touch.

6 Specific Activities

You only seem to get together with him for specific activities or in specific settings. If your interaction is only based on a few different circumstances rather than your whole life, then that is definitely an indicator of something casual.

7 Cancel Plans

He doesn’t have any qualms about cancelling plans that you have made together. If he sees you are being a casual pairing, then he won’t have a problem with ditching you for something else short notice.

8 Me, Not We

When he talks to you and to other people, he never uses the couple descriptor ‘we’, it is always ‘me’. This shows he is still in a single mindset.

9 Last Minute

Any dates that you go on with him tend to be a last minute arrangement, almost as if he has nothing to do that particular night and calls you as an option.

10 No Effort

He never goes out of his way to make you feel special like a real boyfriend would, in fact, he treats you much more like a friend, a friend with benefits!

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