7 Warning Signs 🚨 You Are Dating πŸ’‘ a Narcissist 😏 According to a Clinical Psychologist πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ ...


In the world of dating (and the world in general), there are people you meet who you can easily describe as being selfish or self obsessed, but then there are also those people who go above and beyond that and can actually be deemed as full blown narcissists. Narcissist is a term that we like to throw around quite flippantly in society. Not everybody who is selfish is one, but when you find yourself possibly dating one, you need to know what you are looking for! According to a clinical psychologist, here are seven signs that you are dating a narcissist!

1. Talk about Themselves

Their favourite thing to do is talk about themselves. No matter what conversation you start, they always find a way to bring it around to something involving them, or how it effects them, nothing about you or about the actual situation in hand. It happens so much it really feel as though they don’t know they are doing it.

Constant Praise


My sister just married one
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