7 Signs You're Settling in a Relationship ...

Even if you think you’re happy, there are dangerous signs you’re settling in a relationship. You don’t want to waste time with a man that isn’t right for you. Isn’t it best for you to sit down and decide if he’s really your one and only? Here are some signs you’re settling in a relationship that shouldn’t be ignored:

1. He Doesn't do Chores

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If you’re already living together, notice how much effort he puts in to daily chores. Does he wash the dishes after he eats? Does he do his own laundry? If you’re doing everything for him, you might want to have a chat. It’s not right for one person to be doing all of the work around the house. You should find a way to divide the workload. If he refuses to help you, it could be one of the signs you’re settling in a relationship. Do you really want a man who’s too lazy to contribute?

2. He Doesn't Pay

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If you’re paying for everything, or vice versa, something needs to change. Just like it’s not right for you to make all of the meals, you shouldn’t have to pay for all of the meals. Relationships are about sharing the burden. Of course, if you’re okay with the financial situation, feel free to continue doing as you please.

3. He Doesn’t Try

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When something goes wrong in your relationship, does he make compromises or does he just let you complain? If he doesn’t put any effort into fixing your problems, he doesn’t care if they’re ever solved. It sounds cliche, but relationships are about compromise. You can’t always let him get his way, and he shouldn’t always let you get your way. If one person is always winning, then the other person is not going to be happy for long.

4. He Won't Commit

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It’s understandable for him to be afraid of commitment, but you can’t let his fears ruin your relationship. It’s one thing for him to be nervous to propose, but another thing if he’s running around with other women. If he refuses to make you his one and only, then something is wrong. You deserve the best. If he can’t stick to one girl, then you’re not the girl for him.

5. He Won't Try

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He doesn’t have to have a job, but is he at least trying in life? Whether he wants to be a professor or a painter, he should at least show effort. You don’t want to be with someone that has zero passions in life. It’s important that he has a goal that he’s aiming to achieve.

6. He Demeans You

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Whether he’s physically or mentally abusive, you need to end things immediately. You don’t deserve to be treated poorly, no matter how low your confidence is. You need to find someone that loves you, and would never dare to insult you. If he’s rude to you now, things are only going to get worse in the future. Don’t believe that he’ll magically change his ways.

7. It Just Doesn’t Feel Right

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If it’s been years and you don’t love him, why are you with him? Don’t settle for someone, because society expects you to get married at a certain age. The only reason you should be with someone is because you’re absolutely crazy about them. If you’re with them for superficial reasons, break the ties now. You’ll be much happier with someone you really, truly love.

Does your man do any of the things listed above or do you think he’s the one for you?

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