7 Warning Signs That You're Too Attached to Him ...


7 Warning Signs That You're Too Attached to Him ...
7 Warning Signs That You're Too Attached to Him ...

Whether you’re in a relationship or simply crushing on a guy, there are clear signs that you’re too attached to him. Even if he’s as obsessed with you as you are with him, your actions could be dangerous. You don’t want to develop unhealthy feelings or end up getting hurt. Here are some of the biggest signs that you’re too attached to him and that you should take a step back:

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Expect Texts

When you’re close to someone, it’s normal to expect them to text you every single day. However, don’t freak out if it takes him five minutes longer to text you back than it took you to text him. You both have lives outside of one another. You shoudn’t expect him to contact you every hour on the hour and respond to your messages right away. One of the signs that you’re too attached to him is that you can’t go a few hours without hearing from him.


Remember, healthy relationships are about balance. If you find yourself constantly checking your phone or getting agitated by the absence of a notification, it might be time to reassess the attachment you have towards him. Independence is key. Space allows both individuals to grow and miss each other, adding to the depth of the connection. A relationship should compliment your life, not consume it. Just as you respect his time and space, he should do the same for you, creating a sustainable dynamic where communication is a want, not a need driven by anxiety.


Constantly in Convos

When you’re out with your friends, how many times do you mention his name? If you have a few funny stories about him, that’s fine. But if you mention pointless facts about him that are barely relevant to the conversation, there’s an issue. Your friends won’t mind hearing about him, so long as the information is interesting or important. If you find yourself telling them arbitrarily bland facts about him, your mind is too focused on him.


When you’re too attached to your partner, it can be difficult to separate your life from theirs. One way to tell if you’re too attached is if you constantly mention your partner in conversations with your friends. If you’re telling stories about your partner that are interesting or important, that’s one thing. But if you’re bringing up random, irrelevant facts about your partner, it may be a sign that you’re too attached.

This attachment can manifest itself in other ways too. You may find yourself checking your phone constantly to see if your partner has messaged you. You may also feel the need to be in constant contact with them, whether that’s through texting, calling, or video chatting.

In addition to this, you may also find yourself making excuses for your partner’s behavior or making excuses for why you can’t spend time with your friends. You may also find yourself prioritizing your partner’s needs over your own.


Always around

If your schedules work so that you can see each other every single day, that’s fantastic. However, you can’t get mad at him if he makes other plans once in a while. You’re not the only person in his life. He needs time to see his family and friends, just like you do. If you can’t go one day without seeing him, then you may be too attached.


While it's natural to want to spend a lot of time with someone you're into, balance is key. Remember to maintain your independence even in the most intense phases of a relationship. It's important for both partners to have the space to pursue their interests and grow individually. Just like a garden needs room for each flower to bloom, a relationship needs space for each person to flourish. Don't let your love story stifle personal growth—embrace your solo journeys as much as your shared ones. If you find this difficult, it might be worth exploring why you feel the need to cling so tightly.


Never-ending Jealousy

If you see him with a pretty coworker or his ex, it’s normal to get jealous. However, if you’re jealous when he spends time with his parents or his best boy buddies, there’s a problem. Jealousy is common in relationships, but you can’t let it overwhelm you. If you’re stressed out over your envy, you’re either with the wrong guy, or you’re too attached.


Can't Stop Crying

How often do you cry over him? There are some situations that warrant tears, but others that should be dealt with less emotionally. If you cry every time you leave his house, even though you know you’ll see him soon, then you’re too attached. Instead of being upset about leaving, you should be happy that you were able to spend time with him.


Crying is a natural response to genuine sorrow, but when tears become a routine reaction to ordinary departures, it's a signal that your emotional investment might be disproportionately high. Reflect on the reasons behind your tears. Is it fear of loss or loneliness that prompts them? Understanding the root of your emotional responses can guide you toward a healthier balance in your relationship, where goodbyes are bittersweet, yet manageable, rather than overwhelming occasions for grief.

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Big Plans

If you’ve only been dating for a week or two and you’re already planning a wedding, you’re moving too quickly. It’s okay to imagine what it would be like to settle down with him, but don’t expect a proposal anytime soon. Some people get hitched after a month together, but most take their time. You don’t want to rush things and risk scaring him away.


Eagerly mapping out the intricacies of your future life together can be a tip-off that you're too invested too soon. It's important to share dreams and talk about potential futures, but there's a fine line between healthy fantasizing and overzealous planning. Enjoy the honeymoon phase of your relationship without fast-forwarding to the actual honeymoon. Keep in mind, a solid foundation is built on experiences and mutual understanding, not just on the fervent wishes of a fairy tale ending. Remember to breathe, step back, and let the relationship naturally unfold.


Depressed without Him

It’s okay to be upset when you haven’t seen him for a few days, however, you can’t base your entire life around him. You have to be able to survive without him around. If you put your happiness in his hands, you’re going to end up hurt. You have to be in charge of your own happiness if you want to live a fulfilled life.

When you find the man for you, you won’t want to leave his side. Of course, since it’s impossible to be with him constantly, you need to be able to be happy without him. Are you currently with the man of your dreams?

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My boyfriend is in the navy and when he’s deployed I barely hear from him once a day , he went on deployment three days ago and they have been the most painful days . But before this we spent so much time together and now idk how to do things without hearing from him , because as you would you worry. Due to not being able to talk a lot I don’t want when we do talk to be about bad stuff but idk what to do.

This is fowl

This is me now been with mine for 6 months everything was great in the beginning now we have made plains to live together hes working more to save and it was ok at first acceptable on my part as he spoiled me but past week its been less n less. constantly watching my cell. Im in fear its over and its my fault.

I'm with my special someone, we're very attached and call each other best friends We both know that we'll get married someday too

What do we do

This is so true but honestly it gets hard when you don't have enough of their time and you really want to respect but then it seems this to be lacking which makes it harder for you to go on without him

Yes I am

i always want my boyfriend to message me but i know that he has to work and dont ever get mad if he does not text back until later that night

So what do you do to not be so... Attached? All of these on here, is totally me. Ever since we went to separate colleges 13 hours away, the times I DO see him I'm super attached. And I do get jealous when he posts pictures of him and his friends on Facebook.....

I've been guilty of 1&2 ha ! I just called up my single girls and turned off my phone.

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