9 Quick Ways to Get Your Guy to Smile after a Bad Day ...

By Crystal

9 Quick Ways to Get Your Guy to Smile after a Bad Day ...

When your guy's had a bad day, it can be hard to find the right ways to get your guy to smile. While I know every guy's different, there are a few tried and true ways that'll get a smile out of him and help ease his stress. For those really bad days, I combine several of methods. I highly suggest mixing and matching these ways to get your guy to smile.

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Let Him Talk It out

Odds are, he's had no one to vent to which makes him feel even worse. I immediately let my guy know he can talk to me. Sometimes just getting it all out relaxes him and makes him smile. Being a good listener is one of the easiest ways to get your guy to smile after a long, hard day. It lets him know you care and helps put any problems in to perspective. Be there for him and he'll be smiling in no time.


Be His Inspiration

We've all had those days where nothing seems to go right. I know I feel horrible and beaten down at those times. Your guy is no different. Talk to him and inspire him to try again. Remind him of all his successes. Hearing inspiring words from you helps negate all the bad things that happened throughout the day. Not only will he be smiling, but he'll be inspired to start the next day with a positive attitude.


Greet Him with a Long Kiss

Sometimes you don't need words at all to make your guy smile. Sometimes my guy calls me on his way home and I can instantly tell the day hasn't gone the way he planned. The moment he walks through the door, I greet him with a long, passionate kiss. It takes his mind off his problems and gets that slow sexy smile I love so much. Kissing is so simple, but it really does do wonders for making a guy feel better.


Embrace Him

No matter what guys tell you, they are sensitive beings and need hugs from time to time. Getting a hug from the woman they love is enough to make a guy smile at the worst of times. I love hugging my guy and letting him know I'm there to make everything better. It's a great way to tell him I'm happy to be his shoulder to lean on, even if he's not quite ready to talk about whatever is going on in his life. You can also just hold him for a while if he needs the extra support.


Cook His Favorite Meal

Almost every guy has a favorite meal. I like to see him walk into the kitchen with a smile on his face as he smells his favorite dish cooking in the oven. It's a super easy way to let him know you care. Plus, food usually helps make a guy's problems drift away. I don't know why, but guys are much happier after eating their favorite foods. Knowing you went that extra mile for him will get you a smile every time.

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Take Him out

Sometimes you just need to get your guy away from it all. Once I know my guy's having a bad day, I sometimes plan a special night out to do some of his favorite things. We'll head to his favorite restaurant and go check out the movie he's been dying to see. I give him full control over what we do or if he's tired of making decisions, I'll happily take the wheel. The night out works like a mini-vacation and will have him smiling as soon as you leave the house.


Relax Him with a Massage

After a stressful project, my neck and back actually ache from the tension. Guys are no different. If it's been a particularly stressful day, lay him down and give him a long, relaxing massage. The mixture of your touch and stress relief will get you an extremely grateful smile. Of course, don't be surprised if he dozes off as you massage away the tension.


Compliment Him

When you're with someone for a while, compliments tend to become a rare thing. I know I sometimes take it for granted that he knows how wonderful I think he is. When he's had a rough day, I make a point of reminding him just how much I love him and why I think he's the most amazing man ever. These compliments don't have to have anything to do with his day. All they have to do is boost his confidence and let him know he's perfect to you.


Be a Tease

Sometimes a sexy suggestion, outfit or look is the perfect way to get your guy to smile, no matter what his day's been like. Take the time to flirt and tease him. This lets him know he's wanted and cared about. It also distracts him. Whether it leads to a make out session on the couch or sometime more, being a bit of a tease is a fun way to make both of you start smiling. It's especially good if intimacy has fallen to the wayside due to hectic schedules.

When your guy has a bad day, it's your chance to be there for him. I love being able to be his best friend and help make the day better. Honestly, it's a good way to bring couples closer together. What are your favorite ways to bring a smile to your guy's face after a bad day?

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A big hug works best for my boyfriend :-) when he\'s tired and not yet ready to talk about it, watching a movie together is a great way to help him relax as well!

is it bad to want pleasure all the time to my boyfriend

I have certainly learned after bring with same man for 17 years, married 10 on October 18...he LOVES to cuddle! Not only on a bad day, but a good day too! As women we look at men as such tough, strong human beings...but for my husband anyway, he loves to be cuddles and reassured he is loved and an awesome person! Just like we do as females!!!! They are just as sensitive and in tuned with touch and feelings...it\'s sad that our society doesn\'t let them show that because they get looked at as weak!!! I love my husband for being the way he is!!! Don\'t get me wrong....I do and will continue to stroke his ego! For a man that is important too!!!! It\'s all about knowing the needs of your man!