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7 Brilliant Ways to Flirt Using Technology ...

By Holly

With all of the electronics we have today, there are tons of ways to flirt using technology. It’s best to flirt in person, but technology can bring you closer to your crush. It’s a good way to gain confidence so that you can flirt in person the next time you see them. When you feel like talking to your crush, try out these ways to flirt using technology.

Table of contents:

  1. Innocent pictures
  2. Various video games
  3. Small things
  4. Share songs
  5. Just text
  6. Don't forget phone calls
  7. Skype sessions

1 Innocent Pictures

Now I’m not talking about provocative pictures. You can flirt by sending a snapchat of his favorite snack and offering to buy him some. You can take a picture of your hands in the shape of a heart to show him that you care. The choices are endless, especially if you already have inside jokes together. One of the best ways to flirt using technology is by taking cute or silly pictures that you know will make him smile.

2 Various Video Games

With the Internet, anything is possible. Most gaming systems let you connect with players from across the world. If you and your crush are into the same games, you can play against one another. If there’s a chat feature during the game, you have extra time to talk. It’ll show him that you have something in common and will give you bonding time.

3 Small Things

If you’re on Facebook, you can poke your crush. If you’re on Tumblr, you can send them fan mail. If you’re on Instagram, you can comment on how good they look in their selfie. There are plenty of little things that you can do that show your interest. The best part is that they’re safe methods, so it doesn’t necessarily tell them that you like them.

4 Share Songs

Send him music that you think he’d like. If you’re not sure of his taste, try sending him funny videos instead. If they make him laugh, he’ll think that you have a good sense of humor. Plus, people love people who make them happy. This could be the first step in winning his heart.

5 Just Text

When you think about flirting over technology, texting probably comes to mind. Once you exchange numbers, texting is the easiest way to contact your crush. You shouldn’t be afraid to start a conversation with him. If he replies, it means that he’s willing to talk to you. If he doesn’t text you back, then it’s his loss.

6 Don't Forget Phone Calls

Don’t forget about old-fashioned phone calls. You can always call up your crush to hear his voice. Don’t worry if he doesn’t answer. Sometimes it’s more fun to leave voice mails for each other. That way, you can listen to what he had to say multiple times instead of only once.

7 Skype Sessions

If you don’t have Skype, download it! It’ll make you feel like you’re in the same room as your crush. It’s the closest thing you can get to actually having him right there with you. Tell him you have to tell him a story that’s too long to text to him or that you want to show him something you just bought. Once he agrees to a Skype session, it’s time to flirt! Since he can see you, you can use the same moves you’d use in person.

Don’t let flirting through technology replace flirting in person. You should still chat up your crush whenever you see him in person. Do you talk to your crush online or with your phone?

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