7 Clever Ways to Ditch a Bad Date ...


7 Clever Ways to Ditch a Bad Date ...
7 Clever Ways to Ditch a Bad Date ...

Every single person wants to have some ways to ditch a bad date up their sleeve in case they should run into a situation where they need those clever excuses. We all hope for dates that are promising and lead you into a blissful future, but the truth is that they are not all like that. It helps to have some clever ways to ditch a bad date in mind should the situation arise where you need a handy way to find an exit.

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Cut It in Half

If you go out on a date and you see that it is not going well, one of the kindest ways to ditch a bad date is to cut it in half. Don’t be in such a rush to leave your date that you hurt their feelings. Perhaps you can stick it out through dinner and then go home before the movie. Tell your date that you have decided a shorter version of the date is a better choice for this time. You don’t have to tell them why, of course.


Have a Change of Plans

It can be helpful to have a change of plans at the ready should you need to shorten your date. For me, the trick would be to really have something else going that I could attend to if I felt the need to ditch. It can be helping your neighbor hang Christmas lights or even cleaning your apartment. But having a valid back up plan in mind gives you an easy way to get out of the date. It is always best to have this back up plan figured out before you go on the date.


Give in to That Headache

If you need to ditch your date, give in to that headache that has been nagging at you all day and ask them to take you home. It doesn’t have to be a headache; anything that is bothering you will do. Most people will be very understanding if you are feeling unwell. If your date isn’t, then you will be reassured you really do need to ditch them. You can part ways at that point without guilt.


Help a Friend in Need

Do you have a friend that could use some help with something? If you do, maybe they could call you a half hour into your date and ask you for help. If your date is going poorly, you have your exit ready and available to use. If you are having a great time, you can simply tell them you cannot help them at the present time and they will get exactly what you are saying. This gives you an option to get out of your date without being dishonest.


Think of a Must Be Done Task

If you feel you cannot possibly bear one more minute of your date, think of a must be done task at home and tell your date. There is not a lot that they can really say in that situation. They have no claim to your time if there is no commitment. You can get out of your date and get something accomplished that has long been on your to-do list. Although, bearing with a bad date might be more fun than reorganizing your kitchen pantry.


Join a Group Setting

Joining a group setting is a great option for ditching a bad date. You can get out of being tied to them without hurting their feelings. The group will offer enough people for you both to mix and mingle with separately. Who knows, your bad date might just find someone else that they have more in common with than they do with you in a group setting. This scenario can be a win-win situation.


Be Honest

You can always just be honest. This is really the best choice. All of the options I have offered here have been based on ditching a bad date without lying but you can also just come clean. There is nothing wrong with saying that it just isn’t working for you and you don’t see it going somewhere. I believe this is the best choice. Not only will you feel good about how you handled it but you will have also honored your own integrity.

Being on a bad date is no fun but there are ways to get out of it. What do you do to ditch a bad date? What are your suggestions if a person finds themselves in this situation?

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