7 Advantages of Dating an Easy Going Guy ...

By Alicia

7 Advantages of Dating an Easy Going Guy ...

There are many advantages of dating an easy going guy. If you’re lucky enough to have found one, this article can be a reminder of all the wonderful things about him. It’s good to reflect on all the things you love about your man. Dating an easy going guy definitely has its advantages.

1 He’s Fun to Be around

One of the great things about dating an easy going guy is that he’s fun to be around. Since he isn’t uptight you’ll probably find that you aren’t either, at least when you’re with him. Easy going guys tend to be calming, which allows you to have more fun, too. He doesn’t take life too seriously and that’s refreshing.

2 He’s Probably Got a Good Sense of Humor

Many easy going guys have a good sense of humor. He can make you laugh practically anytime. It seems like many times girls who are a bit more serious about life end up with easy going guys and that’s a good thing. He can balance you out if that’s the case. It’s great to have someone that laughs easily and makes you laugh.

3 He Doesn’t Get Mad Easily

Most easy going guys don’t get mad easily. In fact, you generally have to provoke them pretty directly to get a true argument out of them. And of course this is a great thing. Anyone would be thrilled to have a boyfriend that doesn’t get mad easily. Even if you’re having a day where you feel crabby, you can count on him to be pretty tolerant.

4 Your Family Will like Him

Your family will almost always like an easy going guy as your boyfriend. Why wouldn’t they? He’s so likeable and easy to get along with. This is a great point in his favor if your relationship turns into a forever thing. In-law issues will most likely not be something you have to deal with from your easy going guy.

5 He’s a Voice of Reason

An easy going guy is an amazing person to talk to. He has the ability to be a wonderful voice of reason when you need someone to be your sounding board. You probably love talking to him about your problems because he can give very wise advice. I know that my own easy going guy is able to cut right to the heart of a problem and help me to see my options when I’m facing a difficult situation. This certainly makes you love him more.

6 You’ll Have Fewer Fights

Fights aren’t common in a relationship with an easy going boyfriend. They generally don’t like conflict so they’ll do what they need to in order to avoid it. Of course there are times you have to discuss things if you’re going to have a healthy relationship. But you can probably count on him to not be one to start fights or enjoy them. In fact, he’ll most likely be one that wants to work things out quickly.

7 He’s Calming

An easy going guy is calming to be around. Your world can feel like it’s falling down around you and he’s a steady presence in it. He just has this way of making you feel everything will be all right. You can count on him to be there for you and to be a comfort to you. Every girl loves this quality in a boyfriend.

Are you dating an easy going guy? What do you love about him? You’re welcome to share your thoughts.

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so true! im lucky enough to date one at the moment

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