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10 Qualities Women Really Want in a Man ...

By Carly

There are so many qualities women want in a man. Women fall in love through their ears. We care more about the whole package; we value a man’s personality and how he treats us. Keep reading to see the top 10 qualities women want in a man.

1 Kind and Caring

Kind and Caring Women need a man who is kind and caring. We want someone who will be our best friend, a partner, and our equal. We desire a man who understands us. Above all, we want someone who makes us feel good. Kindness is one of the most important qualities women want in a man.

2 Brains Are Captivating

Women are captivated by smart men. Intelligence is sexy. Whether it’s informing us about the newest museum exhibit opening or teaching us something we didn’t know about basketball, we like someone from whom we can learn. Women enjoy feeling enlightened.

3 Be Humorous

Be Humorous Women are drawn to a man who’s funny. There’s no science to it; it’s just a fact. One hundred percent of women appreciate a man who is witty. Men who can make women laugh are super awesome.

4 Confidence Trumps All

Confidence is one of the sexiest qualities a man can portray. Women like men who are confident. When a man is sure of himself and his actions reflect it, women flock to him like flies. Women are attracted to men who know that they’re great.

5 Have Some Swagger

Have Some Swagger Charisma is defined as having swagger, being spunky, or possessing a certain je ne sais crois. I like to think of it as not being "vanilla." All women love a charming man. When a man has a big personality, women find him irresistible.

6 Be Balanced

Leading a balanced lifestyle is important. Women enjoy dating a man who can do it all. We want to date someone who can prioritize his job, family, friends, and a relationship. We’re drawn to men who make time for us and who show us that we’re an essential part of their lives.

7 Listen Well

A man who is a good listener is a true catch. Because women are more emotional than men, we love to share. We can talk for hours. We have tons of stories to tell and we want a man who wants to listen to all of them.

8 Thoughtfulness is Important

Thoughtfulness is Important Men who are thoughtful are enticing for women. Being thoughtful means paying attention to the little details and showing us that you care. If we mention we love a certain restaurant, surprise us and plan a date there. If we say we love a particular flower, bring us flowers on the next date. If we hint that we’re eager to see a specific movie or play, get tickets and take us. A man who’s considerate is very sexy.

9 Go with the Flow

We want to date a man who fits into our lifestyle. If we’re at a business dinner, we need to a man who can go with the flow and be fancy. When a client invites us to a sports game, we like to date someone who can drop the lingo. Quite simply, we enjoy dating men who can be comfortable in any situation.

10 Put Yourself Together

Put Yourself Together Being put together and looking presentable is essential. Women want to date a man who is very well dressed. A nice outfit can make an average man so much more attractive! Me, and most women, are a sucker for a man in a nice suit. A man who puts himself together well shows the world that he values himself and his appearance.

Ultimately, women want to fall in love. We want to be with someone who makes us feel special and important. Do you have any qualities that you’re looking for in a man that you’d like to add?

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