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7 Things We Miss about Old-School Dating ...

By Vladlena

With the current dating scene, there are lots of things we miss about old-school dating. It seems that as the time went on, the dating etiquette got a lot trickier and more complicated. There are too many hidden signals and mind games to keep up with. Don’t you just wish things were simpler and much more direct, just like they were back then? Let’s take a look at the things we miss about old-school dating.

1 Courting

Back in the day, when a man was trying to pursue someone romantically, he would often take her on dates, such as dinner, movies and other outings. Today, however, most of the courting takes place online. Most men show their interest over text messages, which can be easily misinterpreted, as we all know. The good old courting is definitely one of the things we miss about old-school dating.

2 Communicating in Person

On the topic of texting, most of our communication when trying to get to know one another takes place non-verbally. We rely on social media and electronics to get us through to the dating stage. However, when it comes to old-school dating, people used to frequently meet up and go on dates in order to truly get to know each other. Personally, I prefer that over what we have now.


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3 Directly Asking Someone out

Today, instead of directly asking someone out, we just ask them to “hang out sometime.” However, years ago things were completely different and people were actually more direct. They would directly ask someone out instead of throwing little hints, hoping that the other person will catch them.

4 Dear John Letters

Breakups nowadays are harsh. Some are rash with no explanations and others take place over the phone! However, back then people had the decency to write "Dear John letters," which were essentially breakup letters. While breaking up in person is still best, those letters were much more appropriate than texts and messages.

5 Going Steady

Instead of having those awkward talks about where your relationships is going, we might as well just go back to asking each other to "go steady." At least that way, there are no assumptions and misunderstandings! You know where you stand with each other - and trust me, that can save you a lot of headaches.

6 Properly Dancing

Oh, the good old days when dancing with your date was only for the sake of having fun. Today the art of dancing has essentially been destroyed with all of the "twerking" and "grinding." Whatever happened to the classic dance moves that didn’t have sexual overtones?

7 Coming to the Door to Pick Your Date up

Today dating has become more casual, with meeting up at certain places and receiving "I am here" texts. Am I the only one who misses the idea of being picked up? Going an extra step by knocking on the door makes everything just that much more special!

The evolution of dating has completely taken a different turn. The times have changed and so has the dating etiquette. While dating back in the day was probably not perfect either, old-school dating does have some admirable characteristics that we miss. Now there is no more "going steady" or being directly honest about your feelings. What do you miss the most about old-school dating?

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