Inspiring Steps to Recover from a Break-up ...


Inspiring Steps to Recover from a Break-up ...
Inspiring Steps to Recover from a Break-up ...

There are some steps for recovering from a breakup and you'll probably have to experience them all. Things have gone bad for you lately. You were forced to leave a relationship you've been fighting for. Then you found yourself moping at 2am, you’ve lost your direction, and you are still holding on tightly to the past. What baby steps can you do to help yourself move on and recover from this unfortunate phase of your life? Here are the most logical steps for recovering from a breakup.

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Accept What Has Happened

black, photograph, person, beauty, girl, This is the first step to recovery. I know it didn't go the way you wished it would have and I know you've tried to the best of your abilities to resolve your issues and to get him back. But if it doesn't really work out anymore, then it would be best for you to accept that who you once loved and who loved you back doesn't love you anymore. You need to accept that this stage of mourning will pass and it will pass fast if you help yourself. Acceptance is the first of the many steps for recovering from a breakup.


Take a Break from Your Social Media Accounts

facial hair, chin, beard, product, Your hands might be really feeling the urge to go online and check his accounts. You might be sitting there wishing that he might reach out to you but darling believe me...if he wants to talk to you, he will not be limited by your absence from social media. Plus you need to stop checking if he's online or not, what's he up to, his whereabouts, and who's with him. It will just delay your healing process, so put that phone down and focus on other things instead.


Spend Time with Your Family and Friends

fashion, event, girl, fun, drink, Surround yourself with people who love you and try to avoid those who consistently remind you of your ex-lover. Be distracted, celebrate life, and have a good dose of laughter with them. Make up for all the lost time when you were busy spending most of your time with someone else.


Spend Some Time Alone

darkness, Get reacquainted with yourself. Being with someone for a long time may have caused you to build your identity with that person. Know who you are again, go back to loving the things you might have stopped doing in a while. Go out for a walk, appreciate nature, spend a day at the salon, and get yourself pampered. Read yourself a good book. Try out a new restaurant around the neighborhood. Go on a road trip alone. Smile as you feel life flow in you again.


Find an Outlet

performing arts, ballet, dancer, entertainment, dance, Still feeling heavy because of that stressful phase of your life? Find something you can spend your energy on. Learn a new hobby. It could be playing an unfamiliar instrument, learning a new sport, painting, boxing, or even dancing. Do something that will make your heart happy and full again.


Forgive Yourself and the Person Who Hurt You

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, beauty, emotion, Words have been said and things have been done. He had his share of faults and you had yours. There were times when he listened and there were times when he didn't. You're just humans, after all. Someone has fallen short of love and understanding in your relationship, which caused the relationship to drift apart. The pain has been inflicted but you're supposed to heal from that. Find the strength and will to forgive the roots of your pain so you can leave the pain behind and start anew.


Do Not Be Afraid to Love Again

photograph, black and white, mode of transport, monochrome photography, photography, When the time comes and you know that you are healed, do not be afraid to start again. Meet new people, but there is totally no need to search for love as you should just let it come to you by surprise. Open yourself to the possibilities and do not close your heart to those who will try to pursue you. Things happened for a reason. Whatever may have happened, I know it has taught you something and has prepared you for the better things that are bound your way.

What other baby steps are you willing to do to come back stronger and happier after a failed relationship?

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