Inspiring 🌈 Steps πŸ“Ά to Recover πŸ˜” from a Break-up πŸ’” ...

There are some steps for recovering from a breakup and you'll probably have to experience them all. Things have gone bad for you lately. You were forced to leave a relationship you've been fighting for. Then you found yourself moping at 2am, you’ve lost your direction, and you are still holding on tightly to the past. What baby steps can you do to help yourself move on and recover from this unfortunate phase of your life? Here are the most logical steps for recovering from a breakup.

1. Accept What Has Happened

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This is the first step to recovery. I know it didn't go the way you wished it would have and I know you've tried to the best of your abilities to resolve your issues and to get him back. But if it doesn't really work out anymore, then it would be best for you to accept that who you once loved and who loved you back doesn't love you anymore. You need to accept that this stage of mourning will pass and it will pass fast if you help yourself. Acceptance is the first of the many steps for recovering from a breakup.

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