13 Wild and Crazy Things Women do when They Are in Love ...


13 Wild and Crazy Things Women do when They Are in Love ...
13 Wild and Crazy Things Women do when They Are in Love ...

There are tons of things women do when in love with their man. While a lot of women do not exactly change when they are in love, there are things women do when in love that they might not do if their man wasn't in their life. Below, we're going to talk about 13 wild and crazy things women do when in love so you can really tell if you are one of the lucky in love chicks!

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Sports May Become Her New Hobby

Sports May Become Her New Hobby Is your guy really into sports? One of the things women do when in love is mimic their man a little, by being into sports too. Whether it is playing sports or watching them, when a girl is in love, typically she will drop her disgust for sports and pick up a bat – or learn how to keep score in football!


More Confidence

More Confidence One of the things women do when in love that might not be so wild and crazy is have more confidence. When you know that you have a man that loves you and that you can be yourself with, it's hard not to be confident! This is especially true if your man is constantly complimenting you and making you feel like the most important person in his life.


Sexual Fetishes

Sexual Fetishes When a woman is in love, typically she will be more willing to explore her sexual fetishes. Do you have some fetishes that you've been dying to try out on the right guy? This is definitely one of the things women do when in love and only when they are in love!


Being head over heels often means throwing caution to the wind. A woman deeply in love trusts her partner and feels comfortable sharing her innermost desires. Whether it's whispering a secret fantasy or dressing up, the bedroom becomes a haven for intimate exploration. It's not just about trying something new; it's about sharing a part of herself that's usually hidden. It's a sign of utter trust and emotional connection when she reveals these personal inclinations, reaffirming her affection and deep bond with her partner.



Experimenting Another thing a woman does when in love is experiment. She may be more willing to try all kinds of new things sexually with her man and even indulge in some of his fantasies. It all boils down to confidence, ladies, and when you are in love, you are more confident!


More Spontaneous

More Spontaneous Did you show up randomly at his work just to have lunch with him? Did you play hooky just to hang out with him? Women in love are absolutely more spontaneous and have more fun!


Spontaneity isn't just about grand gestures—it's in the small, unexpected moments that truly show affection and vivacity. Think surprise picnics in the park or a last-minute road trip. Planning is overrated when you're floating on cloud nine. You toss caution to the wind, embracing whimsy as his smile becomes your north star. Love encourages that delightful dance outside the comfort zone, because with him, even a dash to the grocery store becomes an adventure. It's about making ordinary moments extraordinary, just because you're together.


More Willing to Try New Things with Her Man

More Willing to Try New Things with Her Man Remember how I said that one of the things women do when in love is experimenting? Well, it doesn't end with sex. A girl in love will be willing to try all sorts of new hobbies and even new foods with her man! All because he has asked her.


Allow Herself to Be More Vulnerable

Allow Herself to Be More Vulnerable It takes a lot for a girl, especially a girl that has been hurt in the past, to let down her walls. One thing a woman does when in love is allow herself to be more vulnerable in general. She allows herself to drop her guards and to really give into the man that she loves.


Compromise More

Compromise More Most women are more willing to compromise with their man if they are in love with them. Does your girlfriend constantly fight with you on every little thing with no compromising? It could be a sign!


Plenty of Primping

Plenty of Primping Whenever a woman is really into a guy or especially if she's in love, she'll spend ridiculous amounts of time primping. Although it might not make that much difference to others, a woman in love wants to make sure she looks nothing less than her best. So she has no qualms about spending hours doing her hair, makeup and picking clothes to see her guy.


Putting Friends on the Back Burner

Putting Friends on the Back Burner An often unfortunate side effect to the love drug is putting friends on the back burner. It's natural to want to spend every waking moment talking to or with the person you love, but forgetting your friends shouldn't be one of the crazy things a girl does. Encourage your girl to spend time with her friends!


Spending All Their Money

Spending All Their Money A bite from the love bug can cause a woman to want to lavish her love with gifts.This is another common symptom of being in love where women spend all of their extra money buying their guy gifts.


Getting Inked

Getting Inked Even the most conservative women have been guilty of getting inked in the name of love. We all know it's a bad idea and some even think it's bad luck to get inked with your love's name, but some women just can't resist.



Co-signing Co-signing on something like a car or loan is a big deal. But when you're talking about a woman in love, it might seem like a logical thing to do. As much as we'd all like to believe this is forever love, protect both of yourselves and avoid going in on major financial commitments together.

There you have it, ladies, all of the things women do when in love! Guys, do you experience any of this with your girlfriend? What are some of the things women do when in love that you've experienced?

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I have had too many of my friends screw themselves over by consigning something not the best move unless you have a ring on it even that can still get messed up.

i have definitly experimented sexualy with my boyfriend for the first time ever in my life and i would have never done that with anyone else if my life depended on it

Sooooo true omg ☺️

lol i just well when i love some guy i search all the signs he loves me sites and the last guy i liked i dated so haha i am a master of cupid gals!

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