7 Signs You're a Closet Romantic ...


Are you a closet romantic? Do you swear up and down that you’re not the lovey dovey type only to realize – when you’re all alone – that you love all of those cliché romantic things? If this seems like it might be you, read through the following seven signs you’re a closet romantic to find out for sure.

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You Swoon over Couple Pictures

You’re probably a closet romantic if you swoon over couple pictures. Be it pictures of your friends and their significant others or those corny pictures of couples they place in frames when you buy them, you feel yourself express an “aww” every time. You can’t control it! But, because you would never let anyone know this, you’re definitely a closet romantic.


You Check Wedding Websites

So you would never let on that you’re even thinking about your future wedding, right? But sometimes when no one else is around you browse sites like TheKnot.com and GreenWeddingShoes.com to peek at the current wedding trends. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you tend to dream just a bit about your own wedding day. But only when you’re by yourself.


You Love Old Romantic Movies

Sure, when you’re out with your friends it’s all about comedies and action movies. But all alone at home on a lazy Sunday, you might pop in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ or a similar classic. You just love the old-fashioned courting and values, and the adorable ways the characters fall in love. It’s alright. Your secret is safe with me.


You Write Your Name with Your Partner’s Name Last

Oh goody, a new pen! Most people write their names when testing out a new pen for the first time. Now, you know what your last name looks like, what if you added your beau’s last name instead? Just to see how it looks, that’s all! And then perhaps to read it aloud. Just to see how it sounds, you know, for fun. If you’ve done this and immediately torn up the evidence, then you’re a closet romantic.


You Leave Love Notes

Do you leave love notes for your special someone? In their lunch, in the pocket of their jacket, anywhere you know they will find it later and think of you when they read it? Well, you’re branching out of the closet a bit! This is a fairly harmless romantic action, but it’s romantic nonetheless. It’s a sure sign you’re a closet romantic and you’re thinking of revealing your secret!


You Have a Song

Do you and your beau have a special song? Do you think of them every time it comes on? Now – more importantly – does your partner know about the fact that you listen to it every time you miss them? Yep, you’re busted! That’s a closet romantic move if there ever was one.


You Get Butterflies

Now if you’ve made it through the previous signs of being a closet romantic, you are so strong! This last one is something that happens to most of us. If it doesn’t happen to you, you may need to check yourself for a pulse. But if you get butterflies each time your crush calls or texts you, then you’ve got at least a small romantic bone in your body.

Face it - if you’ve fallen victim to any of the scenarios above you are probably a closet romantic. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you don’t have to hide it. Loving love can be good for the soul. Are you a closet romantic? Come out of hiding and share your romantic tendencies in the comments section.

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I am a closet romantic

Ohh I know I am with a little bit of edge lol 😂

oh my I am a closet romantic

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