9 Strange Things Men do That Women Don't Understand ...


Men seem to think women are alien creatures, but with all the strange things men do, they're just as bad. Have you ever tried to decipher why men do some of the things they do? I love my guy, but he still confuses me sometimes. While I wish I had all the answers, I'm just as bewildered as you by the strange things men do.

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Annoying Cat Calls

Okay, so sometimes us gals like the cat calls. However, they can get annoying. How many women actually respond to them? Yes, I get that I'm a woman and have curves. Wouldn't a simple, “Hi, you look nice today” be a little nicer? Of all the strange things men do, this isn't the worst, but it's still weird. All I can figure out is men are desperate to be noticed and they somehow think we'll see them as bad boys in the process.


Two Kinds of Sick

If you're dating a guy and he gets sick, it's the end of the world. He can't do anything on his own, even if you happen to be sick too. If his friends are around or he's at work, it's always “just a little sniffle.” Why are men magically sicker around women than they are elsewhere? My guess is it's one of the few times they get to be really taken care of, but they want to be manly around everyone else.


Fixer Uppers

Whether a guy knows what he's doing or not, he must fix things. It's like a bug drawn to a light. We all know it's a bad idea, but he's going to do it whether we like it or not. He even tries to fix you. It's great when it actually works out, but no guy's perfect at fixing everything. Why do they do it? No one really knows.


Staying in the Bathroom

Of all the rooms in the house, I can honestly say the bathroom isn't my favorite. It's great for showering or taking a bath, but I don't want to live there. Guys spend more time in the bathroom than any woman. From reading 1000 page novels on the toilet to taking an hour to shower, it seems like it's their favorite room. Is it for privacy or is there something special in there we've yet to discover?


Run from “That Time of the Month”

What's so scary about pads and tampons? Guys don't have to wear them. While it's understandable that they poke fun of it in middle school, it's downright strange that it's a reason to panic when they get older. All “that time” means is you won't have a little you running around just yet. Yes, we have mood swings, but trust me, so do guys. Really, why do guys panic so much?

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Details Don't Matter

Women are naturally curious. Guys are too, but not to the same extent. If our friend starts dating someone, we have to know everything about the guy. A guy starts dating a girl and his friends just want to know her name and if she's hot. Any other details come out over time naturally. Why don't these details matter to guys? Personally, I kind of side with guys on this one, but why aren't they at least a little more curious?


The Pickup Voice

If you've dated a guy for a while, you may have noticed his voice gradually changes. For some reason, men seem to think they need to sound like the world's deepest bass when they first talk to you. It's really okay, women don't mind if you sound normal. Maybe it helps cover their nerves during those first few dates, but usually, that voice just makes women try not to laugh. We don't get it, but most every guy does it.


Headlight Obsession

Headlights, hooters, boobies, whatever a guy happens to call them at the time, they're absolutely obsessed with them. We see them every day. What's the big deal? To guys, they're magical objects that must be admired at all times. Ask a guy about it sometime – they wish they had them. Take them lingerie shopping and they're instantly attracted to the bras. Can someone tell me what's so amazing about them that they render men speechless?


Scratching and Belching

Everyone scratches private areas, adjusts underwear and emits strange sounds and odors. However, women typically don't do it in public with everyone watching. Guys seem to take great pride in scratching and adjusting themselves. It's a game to see who has the loudest or most disgusting gas. Am I missing something or didn't our parents teach us to be a little less rude? If women do it, men freak out, but if they do it, we should applaud them, apparently.

Men are strange creatures, but we love them anyway. I guess with all the strange things we do, it all evens out. If we truly understand each other, we'd probably get bored. What are some strange things your guy does that completely blows your mind?

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my man always worries over little things like always thinking something is up when its not........gets annoying....................another weird thing is he always looks at himself in the mirror.............sometimes he totally lost in thought and wont tell me what he is thinking ................men are soo confusing

im slimshady who loves me

my man stays in the bathroom for hours. I've asked him why and, his response wss, "that it's his alone time". he guess in there to get away from everyone. the bedroom is our mutual territory, and the living room and kitchen are common areas but, when he goes in the bathroom he can lock the door and get away from everyone to have piece. I still don't think it's fair because he comes in there every time I'm in there. unless I tell him I'm doing something he finds unattractive.

I don't know if this is also weird but if a woman fondles herself before sex... My bf is fetish about it and its a turn off. I don't understand him. Why he'd be turned off by it. Most men would think of it as a turn on. Not him. Some times i wonder if we are both living on the same planet.

My brother spends years in the bathroom! Idk what the heck he does in there so long..? 3 hour sessions every time he goes in.

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